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When real-time is not fast enough.  Nothing needs to move faster than data through telecommunication’s infrastructure.  New business models that empower customers simultaneously offer challenges and opportunities to Telecomm companies.  The convergence of voice and data is finally reaching the individual consumer.  Offering new services that meets the latency-free demands of impatient customers is not trivial.  Accurately and quickly billing customers using these services is even more challenging.  As though business factors were not enough, technology initiatives that seek to simplify by centralizing systems and storage expose previously hidden bottlenecks.  Telecommunications companies respond to these challenges with solid state disks from Texas Memory Systems.  Our zero-access time storage allows you to:

  • Offer and expand new services.   Whether you are in the process of adding new features, such as SMS or MMS, or looking at the next value-added feature for your customers, these new services are affecting your existing infrastructure.  Many of the new features increasingly require telecomm equipment to serve multiple functions from routers to server to storage.  A single RamSan is fast and small and complements telecomm infrastructures exceptionally.  It takes many RAID cabinets to equal its performance capability.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and grow your business.  For most hours in most days, your infrastructure handles your traffic levels effortlessly.  However, when peak time customer transactions flood your system, you need a RamSan solid state disk.  A single RamSan helps you handle peaks with the same efficiency that your system handles the slow times. 
  • Scale performance. Telecommunications companies understand the need to scale performance.  As the number of concurrent customers increase or when more customers are taking advantage of a service, you need equipment that can grow with your customer-base.  A Texas Memory Systems solid state disk can scale to support over 10 million transactions per minute.   You might not need it all today, but as your business grows, the RamSan is ready to grow with you.

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