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Exclusive Whitepapers

Achieving Energy Efficiency using Flash SSD by StorageIO
Reducing energy consumption is an important topic for any IT data center. While there is a lot of discussion about reducing energy by doing less, another form of energy efficiency is doing more with less power. For example, processing more transactions in a given time frame is an effective approach to energy efficiency for time and performance sensitive applications. This paper looks at how solid state disk (SSD) and, in particular, FLASH based SSD can be incorporated into an energy efficiency strategy as part of a tiered storage architecture to address power and environmental concerns while reducing server and storage I/O performance bottlenecks.

Podcast: Achieving Energy Efficiency Using Flash SSD (mp3)
by Greg Schulz, StorageIO

An Enterprise-Grade Configuration Management Solution - by Go2 Group
For a great variety of reasons, and in no small part due to its inherently scalable architecture, Perforce has become the enterprise corporate standard CM system of choice in many software development organizations. It is used by many of the largest software development organizations in the world to automate their software production lines.

SSD and the Financial Industry
FinancialServicescompaniesareseekingtechnologythatwillenablethem toprocessmoretransactions.Thisisbeingaccomplishedbyimplementing fasterservers,morepowerfulapplications,high-bandwidthnetworks,and high-performancestorage,suchassolidstatedisks.

Increase Application Performance with Solid State Disk
This whitepaper presents solid state disks as a cost-effective way to improve application performance. This includes a comparison of methods for increased performance and third party verification of Texas Memory Systems' claim as "The World's Fastest Storage."

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Database Systems Whitepapers

The following whitepapers discuss the uses of RamSans with database systems.  For additional information about Oracle implementations, please visit our Oracle Performance Resource Center.

Faster Sybase Performance with Solid State Disks

Faster SQL Server Database Access with Solid State Disks 

Faster Oracle Performance with Solid State Disks

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Flash in the Enterprise
Flash memory is poised to become a major player in datacenter storage systems. It provides an all electronic method of storing data in silicon, removing the only component in modern data processing systems that still relies on moving parts in the data path: the spinning hard disk. Though Flash memory offers some compelling advantages over disk-based storage, it is not well understood in the storage industry. This paper describes some the properties of Flash memory and then explains how the RamSan-500, produced by Texas Memory Systems, leverages its strengths and compensates for its weaknesses to offer the first enterprise ready Flash system.

Performance Boosting and Workload Isolation in SANs with SANCache
To demonstrate the ability of SANCache to isolate workloads and make performance guarantees on demand, Hewlett Packard Laboratories used a RamSan solid state disk from Texas Memory Systems. SANCache observes I/O and migrates frequently accessed data chunks to the high-throughput, low-latency RamSan SSD, which then serves the hot data.

High Performance QFS with Solid State Disk Metadata Storage
In an attempt to resolve metadata performance problems, San Diego Super Computer Center tested a RamSan based solid state disk from Texas Memory Systems. This whitepaper discusses the problem, methods, and results that led to performance improvements up to 4000% for file system operations across a range of activities.

Using the Tera-RamSan for High Bandwidth SAN File Sharing
This whitepaper includes technical explanations of the Tera-RamSan as well as implementation overviews for high bandwidth file sharing over a SAN.

What the Tera-RamSan Can Do For Your Business
This whitepaper makes the business case for the Tera-RamSan as a scalable and versatile storage platform offering superior value to end users.

Lower TCO With Fast Solid State Disks
A common barrier to SSD deployment is the perceived additional cost. This article describes the benefit of solid state disks in terms of total cost of ownership, and how business of all sizes can therefore profit from the technology.

Understanding IOPS
Original RamSan-320 performance benchmarks and in-depth explanations on the meaning and implications of SSD's high I/O's Per Second (IOPS) ratings.

Web Performance Enhancement With Solid State Disk
This article, by Dr. Mitchell Wyle, Co-Founder Euphorian, Inc., analyzes the potential benefits that a solid state disk can bring to web-enabled internet and intranet systems.

The Storage Performance Dilemma
This article, written by the Founder and CEO of Texas Memory Systems, outlines the evolution of technology and consumer demand that has made the RamSan solid state disk a hot commodity in the modern IT environment.

Reducing The Total Cost Of Ownership For An E-commerce Infrastructure
An introduction to "hot files" performance improvements using RamSan solid state disks.

File Sharing With The Texas Memory Systems RamSan
An overview of using the RamSan to accelerate high-traffic file sharing environments.

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