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The World's Fastest Storage®

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The World's Fastest Storage?

How can Texas Memory Systems say it provides the World's Fastest Storage®? It's simply true. In both raw benchmarks and real world applications, RamSan solid state disks simply offer more performance than any other storage product on the market today.

The RamSan-400 has an advertised specification of 400,000 sustained random, I/Os per second with 3GB/second of sustained bandwidth and very low 15 microsecond latency...better than specifications of other storage systems. Texas Memory Systems demonstrates this level of performance (or even greater) in its own labs and customer sites with applications such as IOmeter

TMS customers regularly see profound performance improvements in their applications with RamSan high as 2500%! To show an independent assessment of the RamSan's high performance, TMS joined the Storage Performance Council in order to publish audited benchmark results.

In published, audited and certified test results (audit identifier A00063) the RamSan-400 performed a record 291,202.58 SPC-1 IOPS ™ with .86 milliseconds latency. As a unified solution with other hardware and support options, it had a record low price/performance of $0.67 per SPC-1 IOPS ™

But what does this mean? The SPC-1 benchmark is created to simulate intensive OLTP (online transaction processing) environments and the I/O intensive, random-style behavior typical in such environments. Compared to all other audited results, the RamSan-400 stands alone as a prime combination of performance and value.

RamSans are a popular choice for customers with intensive OLTP environments and transaction-intensive databases in general.  The record-setting SPC-1 results provide an independent look into how much faster and cheaper solid state disk solutions can be for demanding applications.

These benchmarks are a useful tool for objectively comparing performance and value, but ultimately the true benefit comes from how a solution reacts to an end-user's particular situation. Contact TMS to learn about evaluating a solid state disk in your environment today.

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