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RamSan Success Stories:
Manufacturing Resource Planning in an IBM environment

An external storage system which can perform as fast as system RAM cannot be beaten.”

Thornwood Furniture designs and manufactures oak and maple furniture that enjoys a reputation for sustained quality and value throughout the United States and Canada. Thornwood's commitment to quality materials and workmanship in its home furnishings is unwavering. The company relies on the efficiency of its operations and state-of the art computer systems to maintain its competitive efficiency. So, when Thornwood needed data storage, it was looking for the best price:performance value.

The Challenge: Support Growth With Expanded MRP System

Thornwood's Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP) application needed to grow to keep pace with its expanding business. The MRP system is at the heart of Thornwood's business, which relies on real-time, accurate data for efficient resource management. Increased demands on the MRP system meant that the performance needed to be accelerated. While a new, more powerful server could make the application run faster, performance would not improve unless the storage could provide extremely fast access to the data. Without sufficient high performance data storage, users would be unable to run multiple data-intensive programs simultaneously, thus limiting productivity. “We really needed solid state disk for things like work space files,” said Larry Singleton, Systems Analyst at Thornwood. “Work space files are created when a user does a database selection and needs to access that data as fast as possible to get a process finished. Some of our largest work space files have 150,000 records and are created in seconds using the new RamSan, versus the minutes it took on our fast RAID disk subsystem. The time required to run the MRP process has been cut in half.”

The Solution: RamSan Solid State Disk

To ensure the performance and efficiency of its MRP application, Thornwood selected a RamSan-320 solid state from Texas Memory Systems. They made their selection after testing and turning down fast RAID devices. “They were simply not fast enough. The RamSan was chosen because it was the fastest storage we could find,” said Larry Singleton.
The RamSan seamlessly installed into Thornwood's IBM environment, including AIX, IBM RAID storage, and their UniVerse RDBMS application. It attached via a Cambex Fibre Channel host bus adapter. The RamSan-320 is an IBM TotalStorage PROVEN product. This means that it has met stringent testing requirements for system compatibility, interoperability, functionality, fault tolerance, and high availability in an IBM environment.

The Result: Immediate Application Acceleration and Room to Grow

The RamSan was installed and went online alongside Thornwood's new server. Driven by solid state disk technology, the new system delivered the high levels of performance Thornwood needed. What's more, the RamSan is capable of delivering even more performance than Thornwood is using right now, so their upgradable solid state disk will increase performance even when the next server upgrade comes along. “An external storage system which can perform as fast as system RAM cannot be beaten. We purposely made the decision to buy a unit that can be upgraded in the future,”said Larry Singleton. 

Solid state disks have been the best kept secret of military and financial organizations for over a quarter century. Now companies like Thornwood Furniture are recognizing that modern enterprise solid state disks can increase the performance and efficiency of intensive applications.

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Facts At A Glance

Thornwood Furniture

Furniture Manufacturing

Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP)

Operating System:
AIX 5.2


Improve peak time performance

RamSan-320 attached via a Cambex host bus adapter

- Faster application performance
- Increased application efficiency
- Maximized user and application concurrency

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