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RamSan Success Stories: 
25x More Application Performance

“...quality of the RamSan is excellent!”

SouthEast Personnel Leasing, Inc. is a leading professional employer organization in Florida, USA. It allows its client companies to focus on their core business by taking over most or all aspects of employee resource management such as payroll, benefits, taxes, and similar activities. Founded in 1986, it has grown and thrived over the years because of its commitment to highly personalized service, with branch offices and customers throughout the state.

Supporting these customers leads to busy applications. For a business defined by its ability to seamlessly provide administration and the proper legal record keeping for personnel, timely and reliable performance of the related applications and computing hardware is crucial.

The Challenge: Accelerate Payroll Software

SouthEast Personnel's centralized payroll and accounting application is responsible for processing this vital information for their clients, but was overloaded and underperforming. This was due to the fact that even their high quality RAID array could not keep up with the server's reads and writes because of the time it takes to mechanically spin the drive and access data. 

"Mechanical drive latency was our enemy," said Chad Olson, IT Director at SouthEast Personnel. Unable to manipulate data fast enough, the expensive Dell PowerEdge application server was underutilized and the PayPlus payroll/accounting application was bogged down as a result. "Our average throughput was only 2-3 megabytes sustained."

The Solution: RamSan Solid State Disk

To overcome the problems of slow mechanical storage, SouthEast Personnel went looking for a solid state disk. After considering multiple options, they selected Texas Memory Systems' RamSan-320 for an evaluation. "The [Texas Memory Systems] sales team returned our calls quickly and answered all questions."

The application was drawing data from a RAID 1+0 on five ultra320 drives. SouthEast Personnel and Texas Memory Systems installed a 32GB RamSan-320 (half its maximum capacity) to speed up heavy-access data. They simply hooked up the unit to the server by two Fibre Channel links and moved the current year's data from the RAID onto the RamSan. 

The Result: 25x Performance Improvement

They quickly saw a 25x performance improvement from their original 2-3 megabytes of throughput. "Now, we're averaging 50-60 MB sustained," said Olson, "quality of the RamSan is excellent!"

Since the application didn't use up all the performance capability of the RamSan, performance will continue to grow with the application and server. "That number is not limited by the RamSan, but by how fast our four, 2.0Ghz/1 MB cache Xeon processors can execute our application," explains Olson. As an added benefit, the increased bandwidth of the RamSan has shortened the amount of time required to perform regular backups.

Given the RamSan's existing potential to provide even greater performance and fully utilize existing servers, "it is unlikely we'll need to upgrade soon," said Olson, "but when we do, we'll be calling Texas Memory Systems."

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Facts At A Glance

SouthEast Personnel Leasing

Employment Services

Database Acceleration

Operating System:
Redhat Linux 9.0 Enterprise

PayPlus payroll/accounting software

Eliminate Application slowdowns from mechanical drive latency

RamSan-320 directly attached to a Dell server through a QLogic 2200F host bus adapter

- 25x more sustained data throughput
- Full server Utilization 
- Minimized backup time

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