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RamSan Success Stories:
News Corporation - SQL Server-based Business Reporting

"The RamSan-320 has been so successful in providing users with the performance they demand"

News Corporation is known worldwide as one of the most dominant and demanding media and entertainment companies. It is a highly diversified company with operations in eight industry segments: filmed entertainment; television; cable network programming; direct broadcast satellite television; magazines; newspapers; book publishing; and other related enterprises.

A successful company of this scale lives or dies by the flow of relevant data to its management. One of News Corporations Australian News Paper divisions, News Limited Community Newspapers' (NLCN) supports a critical business database which required improved performance under its substantial user load. The existing storage infrastructure (FC SAN) has been supplemented with a high performance RamSan solid state disk to accelerate this application.

The Challenge: Unlock User Concurrency and Drastically Decrease Reporting Times
Some reports were taking their business reporting application up to 25 minutes to generate, and with growth in reporting and users, NLCN contacted their integrator, XSI Data Solutions, who then recommended the RamSan solid state disk to accelerate the application alongside their own Viper RAID device.

"NLCN, like many of our customers, demands that high performance be matched with reliability and an acceptable price point," says Fergus Gartlan of XSI. "XSI's solution included the RamSan solid state disk because it offers all these things."

XSI's final recommendation was a single RamSan-320 directly connected to the application server via Emulex Fibre Channel host bus adapters. The application's database totaled 230 GB with over 150 tables. The RamSan is used to store critical data that has high transaction volumes, while the Viper RAID supports tables with a lower transaction rate.

The Result: Up to 56x Faster Reporting and 100 Concurrent Users
The NLCN supports between 60 to 100 concurrent users, all of whom saw an immediate improvement in performance with the RamSan-320 solid state disk.

Most impressively, reporting time was drastically reduced by placing hot data on the World's Fastest Storage:

-A report that took up to 12 minutes now takes only 20 seconds.

-A report that took up to 25 minutes now takes only 40 seconds.

-A report that took up to 15 minutes now takes only 16 seconds.

That last report represents more than 56x improvement with solid state disk!

"The RamSan-320 is consistently achieving I/O throughput of 200MB/s, far exceeding conventional FC disk array due to an effective total elimination of both disk seek and latency." said Shane Rodoreda, Group IT&T Manager at News Limited Community Newspapers. "The RamSan-320 has been so successful in providing users with the performance they demand that an upgrade to 64GB is planned."

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