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Solid State Disk Success Stories

For over 25 years, Texas Memory Systems has provided the highest performance to clients worldwide, across industries and applications. The quality of TMS products, the stability of the company, and a high standard of service has generated many new and repeat clients.

The following list is only a few of our most recent customers. Contact Texas Memory Systems for other success stories or for any other questions.

Customer Testimonials

Wiland Direct’s batch processing runs nearly 3x faster with the RamSan-500

Trade Me manages millions of simultaneous auctions with the RamSan

Almarai increases performance by 1800% with a RamSan

Banco Azteca relieves storage bottleneck with multiple TB of RamSan-400 SSD

The RamSan improves Computershare’s performance by 500%

DAK experiences significant performance increase with RamSan
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RamSan Keeps 40 Million Line Items Up To Date for IC Source

Pilgrim A|S accelerates core business applications by 2,000%

Follett Higher Education Group totally resolves I/O bottleneck

Fox River Financial Resources reduces batch job from 3 hours to 20 minutes

Solid State Disks Accelerate QUALCOMM Replication 450%

Search engine consolidates with NAS gateways

RamSan-400 Enables EVE Online to Break 17,000 Concurrent User Record

San Diego Supercomputer Center File System Performance Improves 4000%

News Corporation: A 15 Minute Business Report Now Takes 16 Seconds!

Chatsworth Products, Inc Speeds Up Queries 700% 

SouthEast Personnel Gets 25x More Database Activity

Kelsey-Seybold Clinic Accelerates Cognos

EMC, Topspin, and Texas Memory Systems Accelerate the Air Force

Thornwood Furniture accelerates an IBM MRP environment

COESfx speeds SQL Server-based trading platform 40% 

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