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RamSan Success Stories:
Chatsworth Products, Inc. - 700% Faster Queries

"The entire ERP system has experienced great leaps in response times. This has...thrilled the user community"

If you work in and around data centers, chances are you have depended on Chatsworth Products, Inc. (CPI). CPI is a leading manufacturer of equipment used to organize, store, and secure data equipment. Supplying racks, cable management systems, and related materials to the IT industry requires the complexities of both a high technology industry and a full manufacturing facility. Sun Microsystems, Lucent Technology, and Home Depot are among their impressive list of customers.

Like many other enterprises, CPI lives or dies by the quality of its business intelligence and enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems. And like other business, the critical nature of this application is the same thing that causes it to suffer from severe performance bottlenecks.

The Challenge: Drastically Reduce SQL Server Query Times
Highly concentrated access to the ERP system during short periods of time caused slow queries, database deadlocks, and SQL lockups. This was resulting in frustrated end-users and database integrity issues as multiple users experienced deadlocks. Wait times for frequently run queries were around half a minute. CPI's IT experts had tuned the database code and implemented infrastructural changes to markedly improve performance, but hit a performance wall when it came to their storage.

CPI contacted TMS to bring the ERP system's query times down to a level acceptable to end users. Other solid state disk vendors were also contacted and considered. After weighing the options, CPI selected the TMS RamSan-320 solid state disk because of its exceptional reliability, compatibility, and its unique "Active Backup" functionality that constantly copies data to internal backup disks. The RamSan-320 was connected to a Dell storage area network (SAN). The RamSan integrated flawlessly alongside Dell servers, switches, and SAN management software. The most frequently accessed tables were placed on the RamSan solid state disk, and application temp space was also routed to the RamSan.

The Result: 700% Faster Queries and Improved Stability
Jerry Guy, Sr. Database Administrator at CPI, was immediately impressed with the performance gains in the application. "One of our frequently run SQL queries returns all manufacturing orders for a given location and work center," explains Guy. "Prior to installing the RamSan, that query typically took 25 seconds. That same query now runs in 3 to 4 seconds! From 25 seconds to 3 seconds. Pretty good performance increase."

According to Guy, this performance improvement has had broad implications for the way CPI works on a day-to-day basis. "The entire ERP system has experienced great leaps in response times. This has not only thrilled the user community but has drastically cut down on trouble calls due to database deadlocks and the problems they can cause with database integrity."

In addition to the promised application acceleration, the RamSan delivered on its reputation as a sleek and sophisticated storage system. "From the user interface to the implementation the RamSan-320 has seemed to be bulletproof. From the positive performance I have experienced I will be upgrading to more capacity as soon as I can shake loose some finances!"

The RamSan provided faster performance, a thrilled end user community, and increased application stability to CPI. Texas Memory Systems provides this testimonial, confident that many other organizations could benefit in the same way from using The World's Fastest Storage®.

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