RAM-SANTM Applications

A typical RAM-SAN application is one in which speed is the ultimate requirement.  When productivity is hampered by SAN performance, the RAM-SAN is the solution.  It provides access on demand for all attached devices without any loss of performance, even under extreme loads.  The RAM-SAN's performance is a direct result of using SDRAM storage with a high-bandwidth (3 GB/sec) I/O capability.   This I/O bandwidth services up to 15 Fibre Channel interfaces simultaneously while providing a low access latency for each port, regardless of particular access characteristics.

The RAM-SAN has a storage capacity of 64 Gigabytes, an internal bandwidth of 3,000 MB/sec, and 15 Fibre Channel links.  These numbers far exceed the performance of currently available RAID technology, as well as other competing SSDs, making the RAM-SAN ideal for a wide range of high performance applications.

For many applications, 64 Gbytes is enough to store an entire database, and only a single RAM-SAN is needed to dramatically improve application performance.  For larger databases, multiple RAM-SANs can be arrayed as a logical volume.  Alternatively, DBAs can move database “hot files” to the RAM-SAN.  Hot files include frequently accessed indices, logs, and tables.  Not only is hot file performance dramatically faster due to the RAM-SAN, but RAID performance also improves because the most frequently accessed files are stored on a separate device.

Specific RAM-SAN applications include multi-user relational databases, “hot file” storage, high-traffic web page retrievals, recording or playback of real-time data streams (e.g. HDTV), and many other low-latency/high-bandwidth applications.  Store your OLTP database on the RAM-SAN and you will see instant and dramatic improvements in application response time.  If your ERP system is facing storage bottlenecks, the RAM-SAN can be used to open up the I/O floodgates.  Data warehouses with heavy user access requirements, complex queries, or fast load requirements will see a dramatic performance improvement with the installation of a RAM-SAN.

The RAM-SAN meets the requirements of these applications, as well as many others, with unmatched performance and flexibility.  It can be used in a variety of network configurations, depending upon the requirements of the particular application.  Used in conjunction with a RAID, the RAM-SAN may be configured to mirror all RAID writes while servicing all READ operations.  This allows the RAM-SAN to deliver outstanding READ performance, while the RAID provides data persistence.  Used in a standalone configuration or for “hot file” storage, the RAM-SAN will deliver outstanding performance for both READs and WRITEs.  Regardless of the application, the RAM-SAN is capable of delivering the ultimate in performance.