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RamSan Technical Features Matrix

Feature RamSan-220 RamSan-320/330 Tera-RamSan


2U (3.5" x 19" x 27")

3U (5.25" x 19" x 25") Full rack (19" x 27")


50lbs (max weight)

90lbs (max weight) 1700lbs (max weight)

  Voltage (VAC)


90-264 90-264

  Power (Watts)


350 5000
  Capacity 8GB to 32GB 16GB to 64GB 192GB to 1TB
  Fibre Channel Interfaces 1 or 2 Dual Ported 2Gbit 
(up to 4 total ports)
1 to 4 Dual Ported 2Gbit (up to 8 total ports) 6 to 64 Dual Ported 2Gbit 
(up to 128 total ports)
    -Hardware Failover YES YES YES
  I/Os Per Second 200,000 250,000 >2,000,000
  Bandwidth 450 MB/second 3,000 MB/second 12,000 MB/second
  Non-Volatile (Internally) YES YES YES
  Auto Backup on Power Down YES YES YES
  Auto Mirror To Disk Mode YES YES YES
  Active Backup To Disk Mode NO YES YES
  Redundant Power Supplies YES YES YES
  Hot Swap Power Supplies YES YES YES
  Redundant Fans YES YES YES
  Redundant Hard Disk Drives YES YES YES
  Hot Swap Hard Disk Drives YES YES YES
  Redundant Batteries YES YES YES
  Management Port YES YES YES
    -Supports Telnet YES YES YES
    -Supports SNMP YES YES YES
    -Browser-based Configuration Software NO YES YES
    -Browser-based Monitoring Software (Browser-Based GUI) YES YES YES
    -LUN Management YES - 64 LUNs YES - 64 LUNs YES - 1024 LUNs
    -LUN Masking YES YES YES


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