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Qualified HBAs for RamSan Solid State Disks (FC-34 Interface)

The following Host Bus Adaptors (HBAs) have been tested by Texas Memory Systems' labs and operated successfully in the environment specified. 

TMS prides itself on extremely high levels of interoperability. We have partnered with the world's leading HBA manufacturers to bring the highest performance and piece of mind possible.

If you do not see your desired model of HBA below this does not mean that it is not interoperable. Companies often alter or expand model names or create a whole line of HBAs from similar chipsets. We are constantly testing with new hardware. Contact us to see if we have tested with a model of HBA not displayed below or to ask about specific testing data for a given model. If we have not yet tested with the model you specify, chances are we will do so and inform you of the results!

Agilent HHBA-5218A: Windows 2000

Emulex LP8000: Windows 2000
Emulex LP9402 DC: Windows 2000, Solaris

HP StorageWorks FCA2354: Tru64, OpenVMS

JNI FC32-6410: Windows 2000, Solaris

LSI Logic 449290: Windows 2000, Solaris

QLogic 2200F: Windows 2000
QLogic 2300: Windows 2000
QLogic 2340: Windows 2000, Solaris

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