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High performing storage enables innovation.  Few industries challenge technology the way the entertainment industry does.  The migration to high-definition formats, increasingly elaborate special effects, and rapid adoption of digital technologies, push entertainment companies to adapt their infrastructure.  As though business factors were not enough, technology initiatives that seek to simplify through centralizing systems and storage expose previously hidden bottlenecks.  Modern applications are attempting to push the boundaries only to find that the platforms supporting the applications are a hindrance.  Entertainment industry customers can respond to these challenges with products from Texas Memory Systems.  Our focus on high-bandwidth, low latency solutions means that entertainment industry companies:

  • Extend work models to new technologies.  For many companies, the move to high definition video changes the way they work…for the worse.  The bandwidth requirements of high definition video overwhelm environments that used to support collaborative development and shared files.  The pain caused by the migration to high definition is building as are the number of your companies looking for creative technologies to restore lost productivity.
  • Improve customer satisfaction and grow your business.  If your business is manipulating high definition content, then you improve customer satisfaction by working faster and with higher quality.  If your business is streaming video content, then you improve customer happiness by streaming immediately and without the glitches that degrade images sent from hard disk based storage.  Solid state storage is a versatile tool for expanding your business. 
  • Maximize your existing infrastructure.One problem consistently found is idle processing capability. Implementing faster storage better uses your expensive platforms and extends their lifetimes, which enables companies to delay expensive and time consuming upgrades.

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