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Fast response times mean more business.  With light-speed latencies already amplifying response times for your customers, the last thing you need is for your storage to introduce additional delays.  For many e-commerce companies, the growth of the Internet creates exponential increases in user volume.  Particularly during peak periods, higher volumes cause unanticipated response time delays for buying customers.  As though business factors were not enough, technology initiatives that seek to simplify through centralizing systems and storage expose previously hidden bottlenecks.  Your infrastructure is your business.  The e-commerce CIO must make decisions that have an immediate return on investment (ROI).  Respond to these challenges with products from Texas Memory Systems.  Our zero access time storage means that e-commerce companies:

  • Improve customer satisfaction and grow their business.  For most hours in most days, your infrastructure can handle your traffic levels.  However, those hours and days when customer inquiries and transactions inundate your site, you need a RamSan solid state disk.  A RamSan helps you handle peaks with the same efficiency that your current system handles the slow times.
  • Scale performance.  E-commerce companies understand the need to scale performance.  Unfortunately, for most e-commerce businesses, scaling performance means buying more processors or more servers.  A solid state disk from Texas Memory Systems can scale to support over 10 million transactions per minute.  You might not need it all today, but as your business grows, the RamSan is ready to grow with you.
  • Cut IT management costs without sacrificing performance.  As e-commerce companies grow, so do the number of servers dedicated to web serving, email processing, and database systems.  The grim reality is that many of these servers are underutilized because they are waiting on hard-disk based storage to return data.  Vast quantities of servers lead to management headaches.  By returning data faster than other storage systems, the RamSan helps you get more from each server, which enables server consolidation.

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