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Solid State Disk Solutions - Video on Demand

One look at a large video on demand installation and you can quickly recognize that streaming movies to thousands of users is not an easy task.

The difficulty of the task is reflected in the number of servers needed to do high volume streaming.  There are two challenges associated with video on demand that are the cause of performance problems:

  • High number of concurrent users.  Many video on demand installations are designed to meet the needs of hotels, subdivisions and entire cities.  All of these installations are likely to see periods where there is a high number of concurrent users.
  • Random content access.  Video streaming is typically a fairly easy task for hard disk drives.  Sequential access is the one thing that they are good at doing.  Unfortunately, video on demand does not result in sequential disk accesses.  Video on demand allows users to start, stop, pause, rewind, and fast-forward stream content.  Add in concurrent users and the activity to access the stream becomes random.  This is where most video on demand installations fall apart.

The net result of these two challenges is that video on demand installations look like supercomputing sites.  It takes clusters of servers to provide the bandwidth and content needed to provide video on demand.

Using a RamSan in conjunction with existing video on demand servers is an excellent alternative.  The problem with the existing video on demand servers is not their processing power or bandwidth capabilities, it is their storage.  The RamSan can be used to augment the existing storage for video on demand systems.  For example, it is possible to store the forty most popular movies on a RamSan-400 or as many as 640 movies with a RamSan-500 system.  When a new movie is released, which coincides with frequency of access, put that movie on a solid state disk.  The RamSan's content can be shared across multiple video on demand servers without contention.  The RamSan-400’s and RamSan-500’s bandwidth makes them a great fit for large installations.  The RamSan-400 can deliver close to 24,000Mbps of stream content to video on demand servers.  The RamSan-500 can deliver close to 16,000Mbps of stream content to video on demand servers but for a much larger data set.

Other Applications

RamSan systems are perfect for a number of other applications.  We are working with companies on applications ranging from:

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Modeling and Simulation
  • Non-Linear Video Editing
  • Seismic Processing
  • High-Definition Video Playback
  • E-mail Acceleration
  • Data Warehouses

If you do not see your application listed, please contact Texas Memory Systems and we will be happy to discuss options for implementing the "World's Fastest Storage™".

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