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Solid State Disk Solutions - Database Storage

The number one application for solid state disks is database acceleration. RamSan systems are used to accelerate OLTP, decision support, data warehouse and batch systems with Oracle, SQL Server, DB2, Sybase, MySQL, Universe, Informix, Postgres, and other database management systems.

The RamSan accelerates databases by very nearly eliminating the latency associated with database physical input/output (I/O). The extraordinary low latency of our solid state disks combined with their high peak I/O means that a RamSan system can easily handle the most demanding I/O loads. RamSan systems are currently supporting environments at stock exchanges, financial traders, telecommunications and e-commerce websites.

Regardless of the database management system, the following components are good candidates for being migrated to a RamSan:

  • Redo logs
  • Indices
  • Roll-back segments
  • Temporary database files
  • Most frequently accessed tables

When the entire database, or the most frequently accessed files are moved to solid state disk, the entire application speeds up. Depending on the number of files moved to the RamSan, I/O wait time should be virtually eliminated. For most applications, implementing solid state disk results in 4X to 10X improvements in throughput. Additionally, application features that were originally constrained due to storage I/O performance can be implemented thus delivering a richer feature set to system users.

Why Solid State Disks

Decreasing application performance under heavy user loads is not a new story for most enterprises. As the number of concurrent users increases, the response time to users also increases. The knee-jerk reaction to this problem is to look at two likely sources for database performance problems:

  • Server and processor performance.  One of the first things that most IT shops do when performance wanes, is to add processors to servers or add servers to server farms. 
  • SQL Statements.  Enterprises invest millions of dollars squeezing every bit of efficiency out of their SQL statements.  The software tools that assist programmers with the assessment of their SQL statements can cost tens of thousands of dollars.  The personnel required to painstakingly evaluate and iterate the code costs much more.
  • In many cases, these likely sources for database performance problems are just masquerading the true cause of poor database performance:  the gap between processor performance and storage performance.  Adding servers and processors will have a minimal impact on database performance, and will compound the resources wasted as even more processing power waits on the same slow storage.  Tuning SQL can result in performance improvements, but even the best SQL cannot make up for poor storage I/O.  In many cases, features that rely heavily on disk I/O cannot be supported by applications.  In particular, programs that result in large queries and that return large data sets are often removed from applications in order to protect application performance.

Visit our Oracle Performance Resource Center for more information. In some cases, it makes sense to migrate the entire database to solid state disk. This is only necessary in situations where performance cannot be compromised or where access to the database is fairly uniform and characterized by a high number of concurrent users.

Other Applications

The RamSan-400 is perfect for a number of other applications.  We are working with companies on applications ranging from:

  • Data Acquisition
  • Data Modeling and Simulation
  • Non-Linear Video Editing
  • Seismic Processing
  • High-Definition Video Playback
  • E-mail Acceleration
  • Data Warehouses

If you do not see your application listed, please contact Texas Memory Systems and we will be happy to discuss options for implementing the "World's Fastest Storage®".

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