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The World's Fastest Storage®
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RamSan-5000 Details

RamSan-5000 highlights:
  • The World's Fastest Storage®
  • Cached Flash RAID for the Enterprise
  • 1,000,000 random I/Os per second sustained (reads from Flash)
  • 10TB to 20TB Flash RAID
  • 160GB to 640GB DDR Cache
  • 20 GB per second sustained bandwidth (to Flash)
  • Full array of hardware redundancy to ensure availability.

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Fast, Scalable, and Ready to Ship

The RamSan-5000 is a scalable enterprise data storage solution based on the award-winning RamSan-500 Cached Flash Solid State Disk (SSD).  The RamSan-5000 is the fastest Flash memory-based system in the world to go beyond the lab and into the marketplace. The base-line configuration delivers one million Input/Output operations Per Second (IOPS) and can scale to several million IOPS using Texas Memory Systems’ new Turbo feature.

The RamSan-5000 solution is an array of ten (10) individual RamSan-500 Cached Flash units.  The systems are deployed with Texas Memory Systems TeraWatch firmware which supports monitoring and configuration of the units from a single graphical user interface.

Solid state disk systems are used by large enterprise, government, military, and research organizations to accelerate their most critical applications. Faster systems can support more transactions and users with fewer servers and licenses. As such they are more cost effective than adding large hard-disk based systems, server-based RAM, or expensive application tuning. Flash-based SSD systems like the RamSan-5000 offer dramatically lower costs and power consumption than previously available.

Customers with high performance storage needs expect to pay high prices for effective storage solutions, but the RamSan-5000 changes the rules. When modest performance requirements are added to the cost of raw capacity, RamSan-5000 solutions become cost competitive with traditional high performance hard disk drive (HDD) storage arrays. As the performance requirements escalate, so do the cost advantages of the RamSan-5000. Even at only moderately high performance requirements, solution costs drop to a fraction of the initial purchase price of equivalent HDD storage systems, with on-going power, space, and administration savings as added benefits.

Texas Memory Systems’ Turbo feature allows users to lock a logical unit (LUN) of storage in the large RAM cache of the predominantly Flash-based RamSan-500 units that make up the RamSan-5000 solid state system. Turbo transitions the RamSan system into a self-contained tiered storage solution with frequently-accessed files placed in persistent RAM storage while the remaining files are stored in Flash. A single RamSan-500 with the Turbo feature can provide over 300,000 random IOPS based on a mixture of accesses to the locked LUN and Flash memory. Therefore, a RamSan-5000 comprised of 10 Turbo-enabled RamSan-500s offers several million random IOPS. 

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