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The RamSan-330 turbocharges storage by caching the most popular data and distributing it at maximum rates of 3 GB/s bandwidth and 250,000 I/Os a second. End users can use the RamSan-330 to overcome the costly bottlenecks associated with slow read/write performance across a large segment of data. While some intensive applications need a terabyte of solid state disk to fully perform, many others could simply benefit from a large cache such as the RamSan-330 to make terabytes of RAIDs behave like solid state disk.

 The state-of-the-art caching algorithms and firmware built in to the RamSan-330 support three widely used caching methods:

  • Write through caching: the server is not notified that a write is committed until it is written to disk.
  • Write-back caching: all writes are to the RamSan-330. In the background, the system uses available bandwidth to flush writes to the external storage.
  • Read-ahead caching: Optimizes reads by prefetching blocks from disk in anticipation of system storage requests.

These methods are configurable per system or per segment.

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