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The RamSan-330 includes a comprehensive array of features that far exceeds the standard and provides maximum application flexibility. Any computer can access the RamSan-330ís management capabilities over Ethernet. From either a telnet or browser interface (all password protected) the administrator can monitor the RamSanís various sensors and status alerts and fully configure the system. Basic functions are also available from the front panel.

 From these interfaces, the administrator can

  • Configure from 1 to 64 cache LUNs of variable capacity. The LUNs can be assigned to cache any one or several storage devices attached to the unit.
  • Manage LUN masking lists for each Fibre Channel interface port. The LUN masking lists can be used to grant universal access or limited access to specific worldwide port names.
  • Configure Fibre Channel controller settings.
  • View all SNMP alerts, system temperature and the status for every major component.
  • Configure Fibre Channel failover capabilities
  • Specify independent cache settings for each LUN.
  • Specify the IP address for the RamSan.
  • Specify the location for any external backup/destaging storage.

 The RamSan-330 is fully SNMP compatible.

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