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RamSan-330 Details

The RamSan-330 is the fastest, largest external cache around. It acts as a high speed buffer for any number of RAID devices to provide 100x less latency and 50x more bandwidth than the best mechanical disk drives. It does not require special software - simply attach it between server(s) and storage. The RamSan-330 automatically caches all accessed data writes and reads to drastically improve storage performance. Storage vendors and solution providers have struggled to meet the needs of end users with increasingly demanding application environments, such as large, write-intensive databases. The RamSan-330 provides the solution by invisibly accelerating storage to the speed of DDRRAM. By installing the RamSan-330 in front of RAID devices, bandwidth increases and response time decreases.

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The World's
Fastest Storage®
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I/Os Per Second
16-64 GB
1500 MB per second
Less than 20 microseconds
Supports three distinct caching methods, configurable per system or per LUN:
  • Write-through caching: the server is not notified that a write is committed until it is written to disk
  • Write-back caching: all writes are to the RamSan-330.  In the background, the system uses available bandwidth to flush writes to the external storage.
  • Read-ahead caching: optimizes reads by pre-fetching blocks from disk in anticipation of system storage requests.
Fibre Channel Connection
  • 2-Gigabit Fibre Channel (1-Gigabit capable)
  • 2 ports standard; up to 8 ports available
  • Supports point-to-point, arbitrated loop, and switched fabric topologies
  • Invisible link for up to 64 RAID LUNs
  • Full fabric support and connectivity to Fibre Channel Storage, servers, and switches
Cache Destaging
  • Non-volatile, fully destaging cache
  • Redundant internal batteries power the system for 25 minutes after power loss
  • Automatically backs up data to disk at 90 MB/sec
  • Browser-enabled system monitoring, management, and configuration
  • SNMP supported
  • Telnet management capability
  • Front panel displays system status and provides basic management functionality
LUN Support
  • 1 to 64 LUNs with variable capacity per LUN
  • Flexible assignment of LUNs to ports
  • Hardware LUN masking
Reliability and Availability
  • ECC memory error protection
  • Internal redundancies
       - Power supplies and fans
       - Backup battery power (n+1)
       - Backup hard disk drives (RAID3)
  • Hot-swappable components
       - Three backup hard drives (front access)
       - Power supplies
  • Active:Passive Fibre Channel failover (optional)
5.25" (3U) X 25"
Power Consumption (peak)
350 Watts
Weight (maximum)
80 lbs

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