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The RamSan-320 provides an industry leading 64GB of capacity in each 3U chassis.  Users can scale capacity in the RamSan-320 from 16GB to 64GB in 16GB increments.  For the smaller database or for large databases with huge hot files, a single RamSan-320 can present a single 64GB LUN for application use.  The user that starts out with a 16GB configuration can rest assured that there is room to grow should their database expand.  Storage administrators can easily add memory to the RamSan.

An added benefit of having higher capacity per chassis is decreased total cost of ownership for large solid state disk configurations.  Total Cost of Ownership comes from the lower price per capacity available at high capacities in a single chassis but also from the lower management costs from having fewer discrete systems to manage.  For example, Texas Memory Systems’ Tera-RamSan (1 Terabyte of SSD) configuration can now be assembled with sixteen 64GB units and requires only 48U of rack space versus other solutions in the market which are much more cumbersome.  The Fibre Channel controllers are field upgradeable.

TMS also recognizes that as servers, applications and storage networks improve, the ability to scale I/O and bandwidth is as crucial to delivering a product that is future proof as the ability to scale capacity.  Therefore, the RamSan-320 includes slots for 4 dual ported 2Gbit Fibre Channel ports.  Some of our customers use this capability to provide active:passive configurations, while others use each slot for adding performance.  Each controller added to the RamSan-320 linearly increases the performance available to performance-starved applications.

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