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It's a common myth that solid state disks are more "risky" than conventional storage. In truth, a true enterprise-grade solid state disk, such as the RamSan-320, is safer and more reliable than most storage, serves up critical data 24x7x365, and ensures the persistence and recoverability of that data.

The RamSan-320 is a non-volatile solid state disk. Redundant (N+1) batteries power the system in the event of external power failure. Redundant and hot-swap hard disk drives provide persistence in the event of an extended power failure. The RamSan-320 is the only solid state disk to offer three N+1 redundant hot swappable disk drives. Most competing SSDs offer only one backup disk per storage subsystem. By building in three disks and backing up to them in a parity RAID configuration, TMS ensured that the unit will always be non-volatile, even if one of the hot swap disks fail. Additionally, this multiple disk setup means that the RamSan-320 backs up and restores data from those disks at the fastest rate in the industry. 

Three Distinct Backup Modes

Most other solid state disks and "destage-to-disk" cache have only a single method of backing up volatile memory -- they copy all data to hard disk on power loss or manual shutdown. The RamSan-320 has three distinct modes to match to particular needs of the application and risk aversion of the administrator. These modes can be independently administered on a system-wide or per LUN basis. Every application on the RamSan can receive the custom approach to persistence is needs.

  1. Active BackupTM Mode - available only on the TMS RamSan-320. The ideal mode for most users. In active backup mode, the RamSan uses available internal bandwidth (i.e. performance not utilized by the applications) to constantly backup memory to the disks. The system automatically optimizes this operation to backup the maximum amount of data at any given time without impacting performance. This means that at any one time, 60-100% of the data already resides on disk. Upon emergency or shutdown, the unit need only finish the backup that is already nearly completed.
  2. Data Synch Mode. This is the conventional method available on most solid state disks-- if the unit is shut down or it loses power, internal batteries keep it powered long enough to flush all data to redundant disk drives. On power up, the system brings this data back to memory, and normal operation resumes.
  3. Mirror Mode. First offered by TMS in 2001 and only available on TMS products, this mode mirrors all writes to memory and to the internal backup drives. This is ideal for read-intensive environments to receive the ultimate in reliability and performance as all reads are still from memory.

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