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Storage hardware is notorious for problems with interoperability. Texas Memory Systems built the RamSan to help alleviate this situation. It bucks the industry trends by providing the ultimate in interoperability for virtually any environment and application that supports Fibre Channel. It appears as "just another disk" (or, if desired, up to 64 disks) to any network or server it is connected to. This means that anywhere a Fibre Channel disk can go, the RamSan-320 can, too.

RamSans have been successfully deployed in Microsoft, AIX, HP-UX, TRU-64, Linux, IRIX, OpenVMS and Solaris environments. TMS is partnered with Brocade, Emulex, HP, IBM, LSI Logic, Microsoft, QLogic, SGI, and Sun to ensure continuous interoperability support and testing of Fibre Channel connectivity hardware.

If you have followed Texas Memory Systems over the last year, you will know that we have invested a lot of effort in ensuring that our Fibre Channel interfaces are interoperable with other storage network components. In fact, our RamSan-520 was the first solid state disk to pass Brocade's Fabric Aware interoperability certification. The RamSan-220's predecessor, the RamSan-210, was the first solid state disk to be both certified Solaris Ready and Designed For Windows 2000.

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