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The RamSan-320 is designed carry the most vital data for a network or server. This means that it must be more reliable than any other solid state disk--  it must also be available for the applications and users that depend on that data. Together the redundancy and hot swappable features of the RamSan make it the only true enterprise-grade solid state disk on the market.

The RamSan is the ONLY solid state disk to incorporate redundant, hot swappable power supplies and redundant, hot swappable RAID-protected backup disks. If either of these fail over time, the RamSan's functionality is not affected. SNMP alarms, the browser-based management console, and the front panel of the unit itself will simultaneously alert the administrator to any such failure, and a new component can be swapped in without any disruption of service. To assist in this process, TMS offers a variety of support options, including next-day or 4-hour onsite support, advance parts replacement, and onsite spare kits for all serviceable components. 

Texas Memory Systems has also implemented hardware failover between controllers on the RamSan-320 in a switched environment. The controllers can be configured as Active:Passive or Active:Active. If they are implemented in Active:Passive mode, and a link/controller fails, the other controller automatically takes over. 

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