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The World's Fastest Storage®
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RamSan-300 Details

RamSan-300 highlights:
  • The World's Fastest Storage®

  • Over 200,000 random I/Os per second.

  • 1500 MB/s random sustained external throughput.

  • Full array of hardware redundancy to ensure availability.

  • IBM Chipkill technology protects against memory errors up to and including loss of an entire memory chip.

  • Exclusive Active Backup® software constantly backs up data without any performance degradation. Other SSDs only begin to backup data once power is already lost.

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  Product Highlights   Technical Specs   Support & Warranty    
I/Os Per Second
16-32 GB
1500 MB per second
Less than 15 microseconds
Fibre Channel Connection
  • 4-Gigabit Fibre Channel (2-Gigabit capable)
  • 2 ports standard; up to 4 ports available
  • Supports point-to-point, arbitrated loop, and switched fabric topologies
  • Interoperable with Fibre Channel Host Bus Adaptors, switches, and operating systems
InfiniBand Connection
  • 4x InfiniBand (10-Gigabit)
  • 1 port standard; up to 2 ports available
  • Supports SRP upper level protocol
  • Interoperable with InfiniBand Host Channel Adaptors, switches, and operating systems
  • Browser-enabled system monitoring, management, and configuration
  • Telnet management capability
  • Front panel displays system status and provides basic management functionality
LUN Support
  • 1 to 1024 LUNs with variable capacity per LUN
  • Flexible assignment of LUNs to ports
  • Hardware LUN masking
Data Retention
  • Non-volatile solid state disk
  • Redundant internal batteries power the system for 25 minutes after power loss
  • Automatically backs up data to disk at 60 MB/sec
Reliability and Availability
  • Chipkill technology protects data against memory errors up to and including loss of an entire memory chip
  • Internal redundancies
       - Power supplies and fans
       - Backup battery power
       - Backup hard disk drives (mirrored)
  • Hot-swappable components
       - Two backup hard drives (front access)
       - Power supplies
  • Soft Error Scrubbing
       - When a single bit error occurs on a read, the RamSan will
       automatically re-write the data to memory thus scrubbing soft errors.
       Following the re-write the system re-reads to verify the data is
Backup Procedures
Supports two backup modes that are configurable per system or per LUN:
  • Data Sync mode - synchronizes data to redundant internal disk drives before shutdown or with power loss
  • Active BackupTM mode (optional) - backs up data constantly to internal redundant disks without impacting system performance.
5.25" (3U) X 16"
Power Consumption (peak)
250 Watts
Weight (maximum)
70 lbs

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