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The RamSan-220 is designed to provide 99.999% percent availability. These availability numbers mean that the RamSan-220 is designed to run 24 x 7, without downtime. With the extension of corporate data to the web, high availability systems are a requirement and not just a luxury. Many components in the RamSan-220 are redundant: batteries, disk drives, power supplies, and fans. This means that if any one of these devices fails, the system can continue to operate without impacting the user. In addition, the disk drives, power supplies and fans are all hot swappable-- able to be traded out and replaced while the unit remains in full operation. Therefore, the components with the shortest mean time between failure (MTBF) can all be hot swapped in the RamSan-220.

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Texas Memory Systems has also implemented hardware fail over between controllers on the RamSan-220 in a switched environment. The controllers can be configured as Active:Passive or Active:Active. If they are implemented in Active:Passive mode, and a link/controller fails, the other controller automatically takes over.

Together the redundancy and hot swappable features of the RamSan-220 put it in the same league with the finest of enterprise computing hardware.

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