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The RamSan-220 is loaded with features to make on-site and remote management easier than ever.

For on-site management, the RamSan-220 display gives users vital information about the operation of the unit. The display, pictured below, provides the ability to:

  • Monitor system performance. The panel shows throughput for each Fibre Channel interface port.
  • Set the IP address.
  • Observe component status and alerts.
  • Shutdown the RamSan-220.

RamSan SSD Front Panel

The RamSan-220 includes the Management Control Port (MCP) which is accessed through Ethernet. Administrators can telnet into the RamSan-220 in order to perform the following management tasks:

  • Monitor system performance.
  • Perform system diagnostics.
  • Establish up to 64 LUNs (Logical Unit Numbers). The LUNs can be used by a single server or shared across many servers.
  • Manage LUN masking lists for each Fibre Channel interface port. The LUN masking lists can be used to grant universal access or limit access to specific world wide port names.
  • Set the IP address.

For remote management, the RamSan-220 is shipped with a Java-enabled remote monitoring software. The software allows users to:

  • Monitor system performance. The panel allows users to monitor real-time system performance of the following components:
    • Fibre Channel interfaces. The GUI (Graphical User Interface) allows users to see real-time bandwidth and I/Os per second performance.
    • Power Supply temperature.
    • Fan status. The software displays the number of revolutions per minute for the fans.
    • Battery status. The software displays the current charge level for the battery.
  • Observe SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) traps and alerts

The remote monitoring software supports SNMP.

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