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RamSan-220 Details

RamSan-220 highlights:
  • Over 200,000 random I/Os per second.

  • Over 450 MB/second of random sustainable data bandwidth.

  • Full array of hardware redundancy to ensure availability.

  • Scalable - A single 2U chassis upgrades to 32 GB of RAM storage and up to 4 FC ports. Multiple units can be added to provide any needed capacity or performance requirement.

  • Interoperable - The RamSan is "just another disk" to the network, meaning it can be implemented in any way a conventional Fibre Channel disk can.

Accelerate OLTP, batch processing and other intense applications with the RamSan-220 solid state disk (SSD) from Texas Memory Systems.  Placing hot data on a RamSan allows maximum return on existing critical applications and hardware.

To order, please contact Texas Memory Systems Sales.

The World's
Fastest Storage®

 Product Highlights  Technical Specs  Support & Warranty

I/Os Per Second
200,000 random, sustained

8-32 GB

450 MB per second

Less than 20 microseconds

Fibre Channel Connection
*2-gigabit Fibre Channel (1-gigabit capable)
*2 ports standard; up to 4 ports available
*Supports point-to-point, arbitrated loop, and switched fabric topologies
*Interoperable with Fibre Channel Host Bus Adaptors, switches, and operating systems

* Browser-enabled system monitoring
* SNMP supported
* Telnet management capability
* Front panel displays system status and provides basic management functionality

LUN Support
* 1 to 64 LUNs with variable capacity per LUN
* Flexible assignment of LUNs to ports
* Hardware LUN masking

Data Retention
* Non-volatile solid state disk
* Redundant internal batteries power the system for one hour after power loss
* Automatically backs up data to disk

Reliability and Availability
* 99.999% availability
* ECC memory error protection
* Internal redundancies
   - Power supplies and fans
   - Backup battery power
   - Backup hard disk drives
* Hot-swappable components
   - Two backup hard drives
   - Power supplies
* Active:Passive Fibre Channel failover (optional)

Backup Procedures
Supports two backup modes that are configurable per system or per LUN:
* Data Sync mode - synchronizes data to redundant internal disk drives before shutdown or with power loss
* Triple-Mirror mode - mirrors data to redundant internal disk drives in real time for read-intensive data.

3.5" (2U) X 27"

Power Consumption (peak)
150 Watts

Weight (maximum)
50 lbs

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