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RamSan-120 Details

RamSan-120 highlights:
  • The World's Fastest Storage®

  • Over 70,000 random I/Os per second

  • 400 MB/s random sustained throughput 

  • Hot swap power module and internal battery/disk backup system

  • RAID (redundant array of independent DIMMS)-protected memory storage ensures that data is protected and system remains up even in the case of a memory DIMM failure. 

To order, please contact Texas Memory Systems Sales.

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Entry-level Solid State Disk 
For the RamSan-120, the key word is small- small in size, small in price, and ideal for accelerating the small capacity database, database log or email queue. But while the 1U RamSan-120 is small, it is also powerful. The RamSan-120 provides two 2Gbit Fibre Channel ports capable of over 70,000 random I/Os per second and 400MB/second of bandwidth. Because the system uses DDR RAM for storage, the latency for data requests from servers is under 20 microseconds.

Why Use Solid State Disk 
A small solid state disk is used to remove I/O bottlenecks that persist even after memory is added to a server. Adding memory usually only resolves the most trivial of I/O problems including excessive paging or conditions where reads quickly follow writes (i.e. data is read from cache). The RamSan-120 is used to resolve the next class of I/O bottlenecks: a small database with a high number of concurrent users, a small database or database log with tremendous write queues, or a small data warehouse or temporary working space that is overloaded with queries. Solid state disks eliminate I/O bottlenecks for these frequently accessed files by responding with data with extremely low latency. This low latency means less I/O wait time for the server, higher CPU utilization, and better application performance.

Installation and Management 
The RamSan-120 is as easy to install as a disk drive. In its simplest configuration, it provides a direct link to one server through a host bus adapter (HBA). In its expanded configuration, it can be linked through Fibre Channel switches to a storage area network (SAN). Basic management operations, including shutdown and alerts, are available from the front panel screen. Full monitoring and configuration capabilities are available over any browser via a Java applet. The RamSan-120 is fully SNMP compatible.

Highly Reliable Storage
With any storage device, reliability is a primary concern. The RamSan-120 is the first and only solid state disk to implement ECC-protected DIMMS as a RAID (redundant array of independent DIMMs). Similar to disk-based RAID, the data is protected even if an entire DIMM fails.

Non-Volatile Backup Methods 
The RAM chips used to give the RamSan-120 such high performance are inherently volatile, but that doesn't prevent full data persistence. To ensure non-volatility, the RamSan-120 includes batteries and an internal backup hard disk. If external power fails, the unit will backup data from memory to the internal backup disk drive.

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