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November 16 , 2009
Houston, Texas

OPERA by Texas Memory Systems Boosts Oracle Productivity and Slashes Latency by 99.7%
Shareable, turnkey storage system tightly integrates Oracle 11g, RamSan Flash, and SAS RAID to increase performance and value

Texas Memory Systems, maker of the World's Fastest Storage®, today announced OPERA for Oracle environments. OPERA tightly integrates Texas Memory Systems’ Flash Solid State Disks with Oracle 11g, Oracle Automatic Storage Management (ASM), and Oracle Real Application Clusters to ensure that every performance sensitive I/O is handled at RamSan speed. By serving all blocking Input/Output (I/O) requests from RamSan, the industry’s highest-performing Flash SSD, OPERA provides unmatched Oracle database performance. This new architecture leverages Texas Memory Systems’ Flash SSD technology and experience in accelerating Oracle databases to provide organizations with a turnkey storage system that can be integrated with existing Oracle 11g databases in order to improve application performance.

Large enterprises rely on Oracle’s 11g RAC databases as the platform for their mission-critical business applications. In these environments, executing large volumes of transactions and processing data for real-time decision-making are core drivers of competitive advantage. Here, the limitations and latency of traditional hard disks in responding to application and server requests become costly; therefore businesses are embracing solid state disk, including Flash, as an alternative to improve performance and increase profits. Texas Memory Systems is responding to these demands with OPERA.

OPERA improves application performance by reducing latency by as much as 99.7% and results in significant productivity gains. Lower latency means better application response time and drives productivity, as fewer servers and software licenses are required even as applications handle more transactions and support more simultaneous users. The solution is tailor-made to meet the specific needs of all I/O bound Oracle databases. The entire database resides on RamSan-620 Flash delivering the industry’s best sustained latency at 80 microseconds. Using Oracle ASM, a preferred-read mirror database copy is maintained on SAS hard disks. OPERA is storage network-ready and highly interoperable. This means that it can be shared across the enterprise and across multiple server types.

OPERA is scalable to support small to large databases. The entry-level solution includes two RamSan-620 1TB Flash SSDs and a 24 drive SAS RAID for data redundancy. A full-rack solution uses 20TB of RamSan-620 SSDs and a 96 drive SAS RAID for data redundancy. All configurations utilize Oracle’s ASM. The result is a product that uniquely ensures that every performance sensitive I/O is handled at RamSan speed, at a competitive price point.

OPERA from Texas Memory Systems intelligently combines Flash and hard disk storage in a way that is ideally-matched to the structure of the Oracle 11g RAC database," noted Mike Ault, well-known Texas Memory Systems Oracle Guru. "This solution demonstrates how cost-effective Flash can be applied to performance-sensitive databases in order to improve application performance."

OPERA is available now from Texas Memory Systems and its partner network. More information about OPERA is available online at

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