February 27 , 2008
Houston, Texas

Online Tool Improves Oracle Performance Analytics and Recommendations for 10,000 Database Administrators
Free StatspackAnalyzer tool updated to enhance analysis, customized recommendations for improving Oracle database performance

The forum of database performance experts today announced availability of version 2.0 of This is a freely available online tool that analyzes the data from a user's own Oracle Statspack or Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) reports and presents clear, customized recommendations for improving the performance of the user's Oracle database in a detailed, yet easy to read, report. In just one year, over 10,000 Oracle Database Administrators (DBAs) and consultants have become registered users of

Database performance is a major concern for DBAs. As databases are required to support more transactions and users, the demands for performance continue to increase. Oracle’s Statspack and AWR provide DBAs and consultants with extensive, complex performance statistics on how their databases are running. But with reports running to as many as 10,000 text lines, analyzing and drawing meaningful conclusions can be difficult and time consuming. makes the data more meaningful by pinpointing problem areas and by providing analysis and recommendations for improving application performance. version 2.0 has been updated to support Oracle from version 8 to 11.1 Texas Memory Systems and Burleson Consulting also spent months adding new logic to which cross-correlates results between sections of the Statspack report. This cross-correlation helps combine the multiple aspects of a Statspack report into one consistent set of recommendations for the DBA. Changes to Statspack were driven by user feedback during the first year of the site’s operation. Along with the new updates to, Texas Memory Systems is now inviting the Oracle DBA community to directly participate in the creation of new rules and formally review existing rules. Over the course of the last year, hundreds of DBAs have signed up to participate in this major initiative. Texas Memory Systems will be privately contacting the DBAs who have volunteered.

With StatspackAnalyzer,com, users upload their own Oracle-generated Statspack or AWR reports and receive condensed reports that cross-reference and correlate data so that it is possible to quickly assess overall performance and drill down into problem areas for detailed data and analysis. The reports are easy to read and navigate.

" is quickly emerging as the go-to resource for Oracle DBAs who are trying to improve their database performance," said Don Burleson, CEO of Burleson Consulting, author of numerous books on Oracle database performance tuning and a sponsor of the initiative. "DBAs email us regularly to say how StatspackAnalyzer is helping them understand the issues that are affecting their database performance, and providing helpful recommendations. We are also getting great feedback that is helping us to keep evolving the tool, and improving its usefulness to the Oracle community." is a free service sponsored by Texas Memory Systems, makers of the World’s Fastest Storage® and Oracle experts, Burleson Consulting. It is accessible at

About is a forum where Oracle experts combine expertise to improve analysis and performance tuning of Oracle databases. The website offers a free tool to help Oracle users, developers and database administrators analyze their Oracle Statspack report data and receive customized recommendations to increase the performance of their databases. Oracle experts are invited to contribute expertise to continuously improve the tools. For more information, visit

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