August 07, 2007
San Jose, California

BlueArc Teams With Texas Memory Systems to Offer Customers All-Hardware Network Storage Lineup
Company adds support for solid state disk technology to Titan 2000 unified storage system family, extending tiered storage offering

BlueArc® Corporation, a market leader in scalable, high performance unified storage, and Texas Memory Systems, Inc., maker of the World’s Fastest Storage®, today announced the two companies have jointly tested and certified product interoperability of BlueArc’s Titan 2000 unified storage system family and Texas Memory Systems’ RamSan-400. The combined solution offers joint customers the highest performance storage solutions, featuring hardware acceleration throughout the deployed offering, from storage to controller.  The solution also enables customers to connect clusters of servers via Ethernet to the Titan 2000 and rapidly access shared data on the RamSan, which is connected to the Titan 2000 via fibre channel.

BlueArc and Texas Memory Systems have conducted extensive testing to ensure that customers can have extreme storage performance, with assured interoperability,” said Woody Hutsell, Executive Vice President at Texas Memory Systems. “The RamSan solid state disk provides what is currently the fastest possible data access, and complements BlueArc’s Titan 2000 unified storage system family. E-Commerce, database and rendering sites need distributed, shared access to data and have small block, random I/O patterns. By combining BlueArc and Texas Memory Systems, our customers can confidently exploit Ethernet connectivity and still receive the benefits of high speed solid state disk.”

BlueArc’s patented hardware-based architecture delivers performance and scalability that not only keeps pace with current networking infrastructures, but also scales to meet networking speeds of the future. Texas Memory Systems’ RamSan-400 delivers exceptional performance in accelerating I/O-intensive databases, online transaction processing, online analytical processing, modeling, content streaming and high-volume data acquisition environments.

Solid state storage devices from Texas Memory Systems, in conjunction with standard Fibre Channel and Serial ATA disk arrays allow IT managers and database administrators to increase the number of concurrent users and simultaneous transactions without adding additional servers, licenses or overhead. BlueArc customers deploying Texas Memory Systems’ RamSan devices in conjunction with the company’s Titan 2000 unified storage systems will see the high performance tier as an extension of the company’s tiered storage strategy, which offers a wide range of solutions for customers, from the ultimate in data speed requirements to long-term high capacity archival, with intelligent data migration policies to best manage company assets.

“Organizations with high performance data acquisition requirements will recognize significant real-world performance impact from BlueArc’s combined offering with Texas Memory Systems,” said Steve Daheb, senior vice president of marketing and business development for BlueArc. “The addition of solid state disk solutions as a new proofpoint in Titan’s tiered storage strategy further extends BlueArc’s ability to serve the widest array of customer requirements, putting more options for choice in their hands.”

About BlueArc
BlueArc is the performance, scalability and simplicity leader in world-class network storage systems and software. BlueArc solutions enable customers to accelerate applications, reduce costs and enable infrastructure consolidation through a unique, patented platform architected well beyond today's market offerings. Information about BlueArc solutions and services can be found at

About Texas Memory Systems
Texas Memory Systems ( manufactures the World's Fastest Storage® and is the market leader in solid state disks. Their RamSan line of solid state storage is used to accelerate enterprise applications like OLTP databases, batch processes, and data warehouses. Founded in 1978, they sell direct to large enterprise and government organizations. Texas Memory Systems’ products are also available through OEM and reseller partners.

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