July 09, 2007
Houston, Texas

Texas Memory Systems Introduces New Oracle Accelerator Kit – Supercomputer-Class InfiniBand Hardware for Oracle Grid Computing Environments
Texas Memory Systems delivers plug-and-play Oracle acceleration by bundling QLogic switches and host channel adapters with RamSan solid state disks

Texas Memory Systems, maker of the World’s Fastest Storage®, today announced a new Oracle Accelerator Kit – a product bundle designed to make it easier to accelerate Oracle database performance using supercomputer-class hardware. The Oracle Accelerator Kit includes Texas Memory Systems’ RamSan solid state disks, QLogic switches and QLogic host channel adapters (HCAs) designed for InfiniBand-based Oracle grid computing environments.

The Texas Memory Systems Oracle Accelerator Kit can accelerate Oracle databases up to 2500%. Applications accelerated by solid state disks can support more concurrent users, more simultaneous transactions and demand less technical support. By using a pre-configured solution bundle, organizations benefit from extreme database performance and productivity gains, yet maintain an infrastructure that is scalable and easy to manage. The kits ensure fast and easy installation with assured compatibility of the components, all of which have been tested and certified by QLogic and Texas Memory Systems.

“The need for database performance continues to grow,” said Dr. Klaus Heihoff, managing director of HMK Computer Technologies GmbH. “Being able to offer a certified and tested bundle that combines Texas Memory Systems’ super-fast SSD with QLogic’s InfiniBand HCAs and switches will make it much easier to solve customers’ performance challenges. Having Texas Memory Systems stand behind the complete offering eliminates any guesswork associated with moving to InfiniBand.”

“We are delighted that Texas Memory Systems has chosen QLogic products to build their InfiniBand Oracle Accelerator Kits,” said Frank Berry, vice president of corporate marketing, QLogic Corporation. “The RamSan SSD and QLogic InfiniBand HCAs and Switches are a powerful combination for achieving extreme application performance without sacrificing reliability, scalability or value. With the pre-certified InfiniBand Oracle Accelerator Kits, it is very easy for users to upgrade their data centers to address RAC cluster and I/O performance bottlenecks.”

Texas Memory Systems’ Oracle Accelerator Kit is immediately available in three configurations, designed to meet the needs of small, medium or enterprise customers.

  • The Small Business Kit combines a Texas Memory Systems’ 32GB RamSan-300 SSD with a QLogic 9024 switch and two QLogic 4x HCAs.
  • The Medium Business Kit offers the Texas Memory Systems’ RamSan-400 with 64 to 128GB of capacity along with the QLogic 9024 switch and two QLogic 4x HCAs.
  • The Enterprise Business Kit is comprised of two Texas Memory Systems’ 128GB RamSan-400s, two QLogic 9024 switches and four or more QLogic 4x HCAs.