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Oracle Performance Experts Launch to Provide Developers and Database Administrators with Recommendations on Increasing Database Performance

Free StatspackAnalyzer tool presents clear, customized recommendations for improving Oracle database performance

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, Oracle OpenWorld Conference, October 20, 2006 - A group of Oracle database performance experts today announced the availability of This is a freely available online tool that analyzes the data from a user's own Statspack report and presents clear, customized recommendations for improving the performance of the user's Oracle database in a detailed, yet easy to read, report.

Oracle provides its popular Statspack tool to users to make interpretation of complex performance statistics complete and easy. Statspack gathers such data as transaction volumes, profiles, and wait events, then calculates performance ratios, including cache hits, I/O and transaction statistics. The extensive and detailed elapsed-time data that Statspack captures is extremely useful, but inherently complex. One shortcoming of the Statspack report is that it does not provide expert recommendations to help users improve their database performance.

Analyzing and interpreting these extensive Statspack reports is a tedious and complex task that requires years of detailed Oracle performance expertise. The StatspackAnalyzer tool alleviates this burden by quickly analyzing the Statspack reports data and presenting custom recommendations in a detailed, easy to read report. By providing this rapid analysis and prescriptive recommendations, Oracle DBAs and developers can be more responsive and effective.

The analysis and recommendations that provides are based on quantifying the decision rules of Oracle tuning experts from Burleson Consulting and Texas Memory Systems. The recommendations are created by automating heuristics for interpreting complex performance data into an expert system framework. By making the tool freely available to the Oracle community on, they hope to encourage other Oracle experts to contribute expertise that will lead to ongoing improvement and refinement of the tool.

"Too much creative effort is lost by having Oracle experts continuously analyze and interpret performance data," said Don Burleson, CEO of Burleson Consulting, author of numerous books on Oracle database performance tuning and champion of the initiative. "Oracle's Statspack and Automatic Workload Repository reports provide an abundance of super-detailed data that can help DBAs understand the internal issues that affect their database performance. Unfortunately, the reports only present raw data and an expert is required to interpret the statistics and recommend changes. StatspackAnalyzer takes away this repetitive effort and frees up expert creativity, which is good for the whole Oracle community." combines expertise from many sources and looks to involve additional experts so that the toolset will continue to evolve and improve. The service is immediately available at

Texas Memory Systems, a sponsor and makers of the "World's Fastest Storage", will be demonstrating the StatspackAnalyzer at its Oracle OpenWorld booth #930. Additionally, Texas Memory Systems will be hosting presentations by Oracle guru Don Burleson, Steve Karam (an Oracle Certified Master) and Tim Hall, Oracle's ACE of the year.

About is a forum where Oracle experts combine expertise to improve analysis and performance tuning of Oracle databases. The website offers a free tool to help Oracle users, developers and database administrators analyze their Oracle Statspack report data and receive customized recommendations to increase the performance of their databases. Oracle experts are invited to contribute expertise to continuously improve the tools. For more information, visit

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