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Texas Memory Systems and Confio Software Partner to Identify and Solve Oracle Database Performance Issues

NASHVILLE, TN, Oracle Applications Users Group COLLABORATE 06 Conference, April 25, 2006 - Texas Memory Systems, Inc., manufacturer of the World's Fastest Storage® and Confio Software, a leading innovator of Application Performance Management software, today announced a partnership designed to help Oracle customers further improve application performance. Under the agreement, Confio IgniteT software is now available for free download through the Texas Memory Systems' web site.

Confio Ignite for Oracle is used by DBAs to conclusively identify the root causes of Oracle database performance problems and identify the specific application code, database configuration or file location creating the problem. By identifying the detailed cause of performance issues and suggesting steps for resolution, users can better determine whether faster storage is the appropriate solution.

Texas Memory Systems' RamSan solid state storage is used to accelerate Oracle-based enterprise applications like OLTP databases, batch processes, and data warehouses up to 2500%. By eliminating I/O bottlenecks, RamSan solid state disks allow DBAs to dramatically increase the number of concurrent users and simultaneous transactions handled by the database while using fewer servers. Solid state disks also mitigate the need for constant software tuning to achieve higher performance.

"DBAs often turn to Texas Memory Systems' solid state disks to improve performance when software tuning is not possible, is too time consuming or is resulting in diminishing returns." said Woody Hutsell, Executive Vice President at Texas Memory Systems. "We believe the Ignite software will help DBAs make informed decisions about when to integrate our solid state disks."

"Confio's software enables planning of capital expenditures based on true needs for database operation, rather than relying on excess capacity to cover up database inefficiencies," said Don Bergal, Chief Operating Officer at Confio Software. "There are many cases where faster storage, not additional storage capacity or more servers, is the prudent solution."

"Oracle databases are all about delivering data and I/O is the single most time-consuming operation in any Oracle database," said Don Burleson, Oracle tuning expert and author of over 30 Oracle books. "The dovetail combination of Confio and TMS provides a soup-to-nuts solution for identifying and correcting the root cause of common performance issues, Confio's Ignite tool quickly locates I/O bottlenecks and then TMS provides the high-speed hardware to alleviate the blockage. It's a marriage made in Heaven."

About Texas Memory Systems
Texas Memory Systems ( manufactures the World's Fastest Storage® and is the market leader in solid state disk technology. Their RamSan line of solid state storage is used to accelerate enterprise applications like OLTP databases, batch processes, and data warehouses, modeling and video editing up to 2500%. Founded in 1978, they sell direct to large enterprise and government organizations. They also sell through OEM and reseller partners.

About Confio Software
Confio Software (http:/ develops Application Performance Management software which is revolutionizing the way enterprise applications are monitored, analyzed and optimized. Built on an industry best-practice Wait-Time methodology, Confio IgniterT Suite improves service levels for IT end-users and reduces total cost of operating IT infrastructure. Texas Memory Systems, World's Fastest Storage, RamSan are trademarks or registered trademarks of Texas Memory Systems. Confio, Confio Ignite, and Confio Igniter Suite are trademarks of Confio Software Corporation. All other trademarks belong to their respective owners.

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