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World's Fastest Storage Is Now IBM TotalStorage Proven

Texas Memory Systems' RamSan-320 first solid state disk to pass IBM TotalStorage Proven interoperability testing


Woody Hutsell
Texas Memory Systems
713.266.3200 x500

HOUSTON, TEXAS, May 4 2004 - Texas Memory Systems, Inc., manufacturer of the World's Fastest Storage®, announced that the RamSan-320 solid state disk has been designated IBM TotalStorage ProvenT, making it the fastest storage available for IBM users and the only solid state disk that has received this designation. IBM and Texas Memory Systems performed comprehensive testing in a mixed SAN environment to ensure that the RamSan-320 met stringent testing requirements for system compatibility, interoperability, functionality, fault tolerance, and high availability.

Users of IBM servers and storage can deploy the RamSan-320 with confidence to accelerate applications such as OLTP (online transaction processing), OLAP (online analytical processing), ERP (enterprise resource planning) and non-linear video editing. The RamSan overcomes the latency and bandwidth performance limitations inherent in conventional hard disk based storage by using RAM chips as its primary storage media. It provides internal redundancy, backup power and secondary disks to ensure complete non-volatility and data protection. It is also interoperable and is widely deployed across all major platforms and operating systems.

In April 2004, the vendor-independent Storage Performance Council (SPC) published the results of its SPC-1 testing on the RanSan-320. The solid state disk achieved new records for performance and price-performance. The RamSan-320 was also part of the world's largest solid state disk sale - 2.5 terabytes - announced by Texas Memory Systems in March 2004.

"Texas Memory Systems is committed to increasing performance and integrating into mixed server and storage environments," said Woody Hutsell, Executive Vice President at Texas Memory Systems. "The RamSan is already Sun Solaris and Windows certified and we are pleased to add the IBM TotalStorage Proven emblem to this list"

The test environment for TotalStorage Proven consisted of a RamSan-320, IBM FAStT600 and IBM ESS, all connected in a SAN configuration to servers running mixed operating systems: Windows 2000, Windows 2003, Linux, and an IBM pSeries 610 server running AIX 5.2. The test environment was quickly set up due to the RamSan's ability to auto-negotiate topology and speed. Data integrity was tested from continuous random write activity and in component failure scenarios. Shutdown and failover testing verified continued operations and integrity without performance penalties or data corruption. Status and management reporting were complete and correct throughout testing. The RamSan performance was measured and exceeded the I/O capabilities of the server, thereby validating its ability to eliminate storage bottlenecks in the data chain and accelerate demanding applications.

About Texas Memory Systems:
Since 1978, Texas Memory Systems has designed, manufactured, and marketed the fastest storage subsystems available. TMS provides solutions that offer the best value and highest performance available in the solid state disk and digital signal processing markets. More information is available at or by calling 713-266-3200.

About Solid State Storage Technology:
Solid state storage is similar to RAM cache. Unlike hard disk drives it does not use rotating media so data seeks are significantly faster. Because there are no drive heads to crash, solid state disks are also more reliable than typical hard drives. Solid state systems are much more about speed than capacity. They are typically deployed to accelerate demanding applications.

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For information on RamSan solid state disks: or
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