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Solid State Disks to take CeBIT by STORM

Texas Memory Systems to demo RamSan SSDs with Digi-Data's STORM RAID


Woody Hutsell
Texas Memory Systems
713.266.3200 x500

Hanover, Germany, 16th March, 2004 - Texas Memory Systems Inc, manufacturer of the World's Fastest Storage®, will be demonstrating its RamSan-320, the Solid State Disk (SSD) that increases applications performance by up to 2,500%, at CeBIT in Hall 01 Stand 6d12; W01, W02. In addition, jointly with partner Digi-Data, Texas Memory Systems will demonstrate the combined power of the RamSan-330 SSD and STORM RAID for high performance enterprise SAN applications, with the RamSan-330 accelerating the RAID solution during periods of intense use. In demanding applications environments such as databases, OLTP (online transaction processing), and OLAP (online analytical processing), Texas Memory Systems' solid state disks offer tangible ROI by increasing server and storage efficiency without the burden of heavy investments in new servers or upgrades.

For all delegates and exhibitors interested in learning more about solid state disks, Texas Memory Systems will be giving a presentation on the benefits of SSDs for small and medium-sized businesses, a fast-growing end-user base, on Monday 22nd March 22, 4:00 - 4:30pm, CC Building, Room 11.

Interoperable with all major platforms and operating systems, the RamSan-320 is the fastest solid state disk on the market. For frequently accessed data and performance-intensive applications, transaction and storage response times are critical. The RamSan has proven highly effective in overcoming these I/O bottlenecks. The RamSan-320 offers up to 250,000 IOPS and internal bandwidth of up to 3GB that can be shared effectively amongst multiple servers. The performance boost from the RamSan can enable higher transaction loads and support more users without resorting to additional servers, associated licenses and management overhead.

'One size does not fit all, so vendors are developing solutions for enterprise as well as SMB users,' said Hamish Macarthur, CEO and founder, Macarthur Stroud International, a leading European market research and analysis company. 'The size of an organisation does not dictate the size and performance of the storage systems the company needs. So as a vendor or reseller you might find yourself with a lead asking for increased storage capacity and faster applications at a lower price than traditional solutions'.

About Texas Memory Systems Since 1978, Texas Memory Systems has designed, manufactured, and marketed the fastest storage subsystems available. Texas Memory Systems provides solutions that offer the best value and highest performance available in the solid state disk and digital signal processing markets. More information is available at or by calling 713-266-3200 in the USA.

Texas Memory Systems, World's Fastest Storage, RamSan and Active Backup are trademarks or registered trademarks of Texas Memory Systems.

For information on RamSan solid state disks: or
Phone: (713) 266-3200

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