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Woody Hutsell
Texas Memory Systems 
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Texas Memory Systems Announces General Availability of the RamSan-220

The World's Fastest Storage® Supports 2Gbit Fibre Channel

San Francisco, CA, Nov. 11, 2002 - At the Oracle World Exhibition Hall today, Texas Memory Systems (TMS) announced general availability for the RamSan-220, a solid state disk leveraging 2Gbit Fibre Channel to accelerate disk I/O performance for the most demanding applications.

The RamSan-220 is faster than any competing storage device-- even other solid state disks. By using SDRAM chips as the primary storage media and multiple 2Gbit Fibre Channel controllers designed by TMS, the RamSan-220 achieves I/O speeds of 200,000 random I/Os per second. This means the RamSan-220 is at least three times faster than the fastest competing solid state disk, and thirty times faster than today's RAID Arrays.

During the recent Interoperability and Solutions Demo at Storage Networking World in Orlando, the RamSan-220 was simultaneously pushing over 300MB/second of random data traffic through redundant Fibre Channel fabrics from Brocade and McData.

Like conventional disks, the RamSan-220 is non-volatile. In the event of external power loss, internal batteries keep the unit powered long enough to completely transfer all data to two mirrored built-in SCSI disk drives that store the data until power is restored.

Chris Johnson, Vice President of Storage Systems for Dynamic Solutions International, a TMS channel partner, said "Texas Memory Systems RamSan products have proven very popular with our customers who demand the fastest possible disk I/O performance. The availability of the 2Gbit Fibre Channel interface further solidifies the performance advantages of the RamSan."

Last week, Texas Memory Systems delivered the first RamSan?220 units to commercial customers. Island Computer Products (ICP) purchased a RamSan-210 over a year ago, and is one of the first to receive a new RamSan-220. Paul Fabozzi, Chief Technology Officer of ICP, said, "our RamSan-210 has provided us with over a year of reliability and exceptional performance. We're eager to install the RamSan-220 and take advantage of its 2Gbit Fibre Channel capabilities."

About Texas Memory Systems 

Since 1978, Texas Memory Systems has designed, manufactured, and marketed the fastest storage subsystems available. TMS provides solutions that offer the best value and highest performance available in the solid state disk and digital signal processing markets. More information is available at or by calling 713-266-3200.

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