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Texas Memory Systems Contributes RamSan to Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Technology Center

Houston, TX . - (September 27, 2001) - Texas Memory Systems announced today that it has contributed a RamSan solid state disk for use in the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA) Technology Center located in Colorado Springs.

The RamSan solid state disk is the "World's Fastest Storage". The RamSan is used to complement existing storage, by providing a cache for frequently accessed files. Typical applications for the RamSan include file caching for databases, streaming video, modeling and data acquisition. The RamSan delivers higher throughput and I/O capability than any other storage device, including other solid state disks. The systems provide from 8GB to 128GB of SDRAM capacity in a single chassis.

"The SNIA Technology Center is delighted that Texas Memory Systems has contributed a RamSan solid state disk for the benefit of companies conducting interoperability testing," said Thomas Conroy, the Director of the Center. "The Texas Memory Systems contribution is integral for accomplishing the SNIA Technology Center's goal of becoming the premier venue for testing and development of heterogeneous storage networking configurations and solutions."

"We believe that every storage network can benefit from a RamSan solid state disk. Our contribution to the SNIA Technology Center is designed to help other companies reach this conclusion through hands-on testing," according to Woody Hutsell, Marketing Director for Texas Memory Systems. "We are proud to be the first solid state disk vendor to have a product available for use in the SNIA Technology Center. We encourage end-users, resellers, integrators and vendor companies to visit the Center and find out first-hand the benefits of a RamSan solid state disk."


About Texas Memory Systems
Texas Memory Systems, Inc. manufactures the RamSan family of solid state disks for storage networks. The RamSan represents TMS's sixth generation solid state disk. The same technology, previously only available to the military and intelligence community, is now available in the commercial market. The RamSan excels in high I/O and high bandwidth environments where traditional RAID systems fail to meet the needs of performance hungry applications. 

Texas Memory Systems is a member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA), DAFS Collaborative and is partnered with FalconStor, HP, Oracle, Sun and Zerowait in order to deliver the World's Fastest Storage to the enterprise.

For more information, visit or call Woody Hutsell, Marketing Director, at 713-266-3200.

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