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Government Micro Resources, (GMR), Wins SEWPIII Contract Using Texas Memory Systems RamSan

Houston, Texas - August 16, 2001 - Government Micro Resources, (GMR) has been awarded the Storage portion of NASA's Scientific / Engineering Workstation Procurement III, (SEWPIII) contract.  In addressing the demanding needs of file caching, NASA required each participating vendor to offer a Solid State Disk solution. 

After extensive analysis, GMR selected Texas Memory Systems and its RamSan product line to meet the requirements for solid state disk submissions.  “GMR selected Texas Memory Systems because of its incredible speeds and low cost per GB, compared to other slower and more expensive products,” said Bob Keigley, GMR’s Vice President of Marketing. “The RamSan line of products will allow our Federal customers an opportunity to increase the speed of their Storage Area Networks, especially where databases and mail servers are found.”

The RamSan product line includes the RamSan-520 and the RamSan-210.  The RamSan-520, the “World’s Fastest Storage”, provides up to 64GB of SDRAM storage, 3,000 MB/second of bandwidth and 750,000 random I/O’s per second.  In addition to being the technology leader for solid state disks, Texas Memory Systems offers great value by pricing their solid state disks for around $3,750 per GB.

 “We view the RamSan product as a key ingredient to the logical front end in the storage hierarchy for the majority of our new Storage Area Network installations”, says Steve Thomason, Business Development Manager of Enterprise Storage at GMR. “The combination of price and performance show one of the greatest values that we can offer our customers.”


About Texas Memory Systems

Texas Memory Systems, Inc. manufactures the RamSan family of solid state disks for storage networks.  The RamSan represents TMS’s sixth generation solid state disk.  The same technology, previously only available to the military and intelligence community, is now available in the commercial market.  The RamSan excels in high I/O and high bandwidth environments where traditional RAID systems fail to meet the needs of performance hungry applications.

Texas Memory Systems is a member of the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA), DAFS Collaborative and is partnered with FalconStor, HP, Oracle, and Sun in order to deliver the World’s Fastest Storage to the enterprise.


About Government Micro Resources, (GMR)

GMR is a leading network integrator and applications developer offering a portfolio of large-scale open systems and client/server solutions for large or small organizations. GMR offers leading-edge enterprise computing technologies, superior price and performance.

Project-oriented offerings include a range of professional services that allow clients to leverage today's information technology investments for enhanced performance now and well into the 21st century.  The depth and breadth of GMR's services include software engineering design and development, architectural and technical systems integration, complete SAN solutions and consulting as well as business process analysis and re-engineering.

Professional services from GMR link companies' current and future information technology (IT) investments to their business strategy.


For more information, visit or call Woody Hutsell, Marketing Director, at 713-266-3200.

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