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The RamSan-520 (manufactured by Texas Memory Systems, Inc.) Completes Brocade Fabric Aware End-To-End Interoperability Verification Tests.

Houston, Texas—July 6, 2001—Texas Memory Systems, manufacturers of the World’s Fastest Storage, announced today that the RAM-SAN has been verified by Brocade Communications Systems, Inc. as interoperable with Brocade-based Storage Area Networking (SAN) infrastructure in testing conducted through the Brocade Fabric Aware™ Program, an end-to-end interoperability initiative for enterprise SANs. The program is a comprehensive testing and configuration initiative designed to foster end-to-end SAN interoperability in heterogeneous Brocade-based SAN environments. 

Testing was conducted at the Brocade interoperability labs, which are state-of-the-art facilities supporting end-to-end interoperability and performance testing of SAN products in multi-vendor and large fabric SAN environments. The Brocade Fabric Aware Program has added more than 40 partners since its launch in 2000. In addition, as part of its investment in SAN interoperability, Brocade actively supports its partners’ interoperability initiatives.

“Texas Memory Systems is delighted to be the first manufacturer of Solid State Disks to complete Brocade’s Fabric Aware interoperability testing,” said Woody Hutsell, Marketing Director for Texas Memory Systems. “SAN interoperability continues to be a major concern for our customers and the Brocade Fabric Aware program is an ideal way for us to demonstrate that our hardware is interoperable with industry leading SAN components.”

Brocade conducted extensive testing of the Texas Memory Systems RAM-SAN solid state disk, the World’s Fastest Storage. The RAM-SAN eliminates I/O bottlenecks in SANs, by storing frequently accessed data on high-speed SDRAM. In addition to 20-microsecond latency for data access, the RAM-SAN provides 3GB per second of bandwidth and 750,000 random I/O’s per second through 15 Fibre Channel interfaces. The RAM-SAN is perfect for storing the frequently accessed tables associated with multi-user relational databases, streaming video, and high-throughput data acquisition. For the first time, a solid state disk provides a price:performance ratio better than RAID.

“We are pleased that Texas Memory Systems has successfully completed the Fabric Aware testing with Brocade Fibre Channel fabric switches in heterogeneous SAN environments,” said Jay Kidd, Brocade vice president of Product Marketing. “Storage area networks are being deployed worldwide at a rapid rate as a scalable, high performance networking foundation for storage environments. End users are implementing large fabric SANs comprising hundreds of storage subsystems, servers, and networking technologies, all from multiple vendors. The Fabric Aware program is an example of our continued investment in delivering end-to-end SAN interoperability to our partners and their customers.”

About the Brocade Fabric Aware Program
The Brocade Fabric Aware program is a comprehensive testing and configuration initiative designed to foster end-to-end SAN interoperability in multi-vendor storage networking environments. As part of the program, companies agree to test in SAN configurations that comprise a heterogeneous mix of servers, storage subsystems, Brocade switches, and other SAN technologies. Brocade has created an interoperability lab comprising a heterogeneous SAN fabric, in which the company tests and validates partner equipment in specific configurations. Vendors receive Brocade Fabric Aware qualification after completing tests to confirm that vendors’ products meet interoperability guidelines.

About Texas Memory Systems
Texas Memory Systems (TMS) has specialized in high bandwidth, low latency, I/O intensive storage systems since 1978.  TMS products were originally designed to meet the needs of the U.S. defense industry, and now this advanced technology is available for mainstream computer and storage applications.  While the primary focus of our products has been speed, we achieve this speed without resorting to overly complex circuitry.  This emphasis on simplicity allows TMS to deliver outstanding performance with an easily understood and yet highly configurable system.  Texas Memory Systems is a member of the Fibre Channel Industry Association (FCIA), the Storage Networking Industry Association (SNIA), the DAFS Collaborative, and is partnered with Oracle, Sun, Hewlett Packard, and FalconStor in order to deliver the World’s Fastest Storage to the enterprise.

For more information, visit or call Woody Hutsell, Marketing Director, at 713-266-3200.

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