PCI200 Interface Adapter

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   PCI Interface   
   The PCI200 interface board provides a fast bi-directional data link between PCI-based computers and a RAM-SAN 500/520.  It achieves this by incorporating dual optical links that allow it to transfer data as fast as 200 MB/sec at distances up to 100 meters.  The TexLink (TXL200/201) is the companion interface that resides in one of the RAM-SAN I/O port slots.  Since the RAM-SAN is multi-ported, many computers, workstations, or servers can have their own 200 MB/sec link to the RAM-SAN.  The PCI200 connects to the host machine through a standard 32/64 bit PCI bus. A program running on a host machine accesses the RAM-SAN via TMS library calls. The library calls utilize the PCI interface driver and allows the system to buffer DMAs to and from the RAM-SAN. Additionally, a file system may be mounted to the RAM-SAN to provide transparent access to the RAM-SAN system as a Solid State Disk.
   The PCI Solution   
   The PCI Local Bus was originally developed to alleviate data bottlenecks between host processors and their I/O peripherals.  It accomplished this by moving peripheral functions with high bandwidth requirements not only closer to the system's processor bus, but also giving them a processor-independent data path.  This allows PCI master devices to perform full-bandwidth DMA transfers to system memory or to other devices while the host CPU is engaged in other tasks.  PCI is a robust interconnect mechanism designed specifically to accommodate multiple high performance peripherals for graphics, full motion video, SCSI, LAN, etc., and has become the most widely accepted and implemented expansion standard in the world.  The PCI200 is a full PCI master/target design that supports both 32-bit data paths at 33 MHz (132 MB/sec peak) and 64-bit data paths at 33 MHz (264 MB/sec peak).
   Supported Platforms   
   The PCI200 requires a PCI slot that supplies both 5V and a 3.3 Volt power rails.   In addition, drivers are currently available for the PCI200 for DEC Alpha based systems under OpenVMS,  Intel x86 systems running Linux, and Solaris Sun systems running Solaris 2.5 or higher.