High-Bandwidth, Low-Latency, I/O Specialists
High Performance I/O Specialists
For over 20 years, Texas Memory Systems has specialized in high bandwidth, low latency I/O storage systems.  While the primary feature of our products has always been speed, we have achieved this result without resorting to overly complex circuitry and unwieldy protocols.  This emphasis on simplicity allows TMS to deliver outstanding performance using mature technologies and readily available off-the-shelf components.  Our record of success, however, is as much a function of close customer relationships as it is a function of our technology.  As we expand, we will continue to strive for close relationships with our customers and we will continue to provide outstanding customer support.

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Since 1978, TMS has continuously developed a product line of high performance I/O memory systems larger and faster than other commercially available products.  During this time frame, most other companies have focused their efforts on the development of workstations, personal computers, and associated peripherals.  TMS, on the other hand, has concentrated almost exclusively on the development of powerful I/O storage systems for unique real-time I/O applications.  As the I/O demands of the commercial marketplace increase to keep pace with the Internet, TMS products will continue to find their way into many more mainstream commercial applications.