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Oracle Performance Center

Solid state disk have improved database environments for numerous customers over the company's long history. What follows are the most popular and informative resources for Oracle DBAs considering solid state disk technology for their applications.

Recommended Tools

Write Accelerator
The Write Accelerator works on a simple premise: performance of write intensive databases is limited by two factors – latency and throughput. The Write Accelerator consists of two separate but bundled units, enabling complete support for SAME and allowing even the most demanding enterprises in the world 5-nines reliability for the solution. These two systems can be mirrored from the operating system or through Oracle's ASM.
Free Oracle Statspack Analysis
The Oracle Statspack file gives you visibility into potential I/O bottlenecks. 

Identify Oracle Bottlenecks with Confio Ignite

Confio Ignite for Oracle is a performance tool used to identify and resolve performance problems in your Oracle databases and the applications that depend on them. Ignite uses industry best-practice Wait-Time methods to identify exactly which SQL and Wait-Event are causing delays in the application.

Learn more about your IO wait times with DBTop
"DBTop is the logical extension to the hugely popular shareware software, Top. When run on Oracle database servers, the value offered by standard Top is severely restricted by the fact that all interesting processes are known simply as 'oracle'. By correlating the processor usage information, normally provided by Top, with internal Oracle information such as SQL and wait information, DBTop provides an essential overview of the actual activity on the server."

Recommended Reading

Accelerate Oracle Logs and Tablespaces Using the Writer Accelerator

Don Burleson's Latest Book, Oracle RAC & Grid Tuning with Solid State Disk

Written by the world's most widely-read Oracle script developers and authors of over 50 best-selling Oracle books, Mike Ault, Robert Freeman, Don Burleson, and John Garmany share their personal experience with using SSD to hypercharge Oracle performance in Oracle Real Application Clusters and Oracle 10g Grid databases.

You will learn proven techniques for leveraging RAM disk in an Oracle RAC and Grid environment, including changes to initialization parameters and the selective use of SSD in large database environments including UNDO, REDO, and TEMP tablespaces on solid state disk.

This book shows actual TPC benchmark data and illustrates the high-bandwidth capabilities of SSD that revolutionize data retrieval engines.


Free Whitepaper: Increase Oracle Performance with Solid State Disk
This whitepaper introduces DBAs to RamSan solid state disks, discusses tools that they can use to identify I/O bottlenecks at the OS level, presents a method to identify the most frequently accessed components in an Oracle database, and discusses common ways to integrate a solid state disk into your storage architecture.



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