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“The RamSan met our performance objectives at less than half the cost of our alternative.”

Client: Kelsey-Seybold Clinic

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Kelsey-Seybold Clinic is a large, multi-specialty healthcare provider with 22 different locations coordinating a broad array of patient care. Since 1949, Kelsey-Seybold has developed a reputation for innovation and quality in both its medical approach and its business practices. They were the first contract medical service provider for NASA (another TMS customer) and partner with a wide array of prestigious medical programs and schools. Their RamSan solid state disk maximized the return on investment beyond the RamSan's price and increased server performance beyond their requirements.

Kelsey-Seybold's approach to clinical medicine includes close coordination with specialists, general practitioners, and administrative support staff across their 22 locations. For optimal success, all groups regularly require access to high-traffic data. Furthermore, these queries must be executed at the highest speeds to ensure satisfied clients and an efficient workforce.

The Challenge: Minimize Query Response Time

Kelsey-Seybold started with a dual processor server running Windows 2000 Advanced Server. In addition, the server runs Citrix and Cognos PowerPlay OLAP software. Cognos PowerPlay draws data from the Enterprise OLTP system and loads them into PowerCubes for analysis. Instead of using regular storage, they loaded the PowerCubes into a 6GB software RAM disk on the server. This approach, while faster than conventional storage, was inadequate for their needs. The software RAM disk was not scalable. Users demanded more data without a degradation in performance. The company sought a cost-effective upgrade solution providing future scalability and improved performance with the goal of a <1 second response time on all queries.
Maximized Return on Investment

Kelsey-Seybold's server was constraining the amount of data available to users. Furthermore, using system memory to cache files reduced overall Citrix performance. Before contacting Texas Memory Systems, Kelsey-Seybold's alternative solution required a new $130,000 server with 32GB of RAM.

“Fortunately we came across the Texas Memory Systems RamSan,” said Manuel Gamez, database administrator at Kelsey-Seybold. “The RamSan met our performance objectives at less than half the cost of our alternative.”

Texas Memory Systems provided a RamSan solid state disk to solve the dilemma. This RamSan was equipped with 16GB of high-speed storage to take over the job performed by the server's system memory. It was attached via a Brocade Fibre Channel SAN and configured to store the OLAP data cubes.

The change was significant. With the RamSan, the server delivered the <1 second response time requirements even with extra data added to the warehouse. The Citrix application was able to fully use system RAM to service concurrent users instead of storing OLAP data, boosting Citrix performance. The server booted considerably faster because it did not need to load up its memory with Cognos cubes. The RamSan also provided Kelsey-Seybold with room to grow, since it is scalable up to 128 GB. Best of all, the RamSan provided a superior solution to Kelsey-Seybold's challenge at a fraction of the cost of the proposed new server.

The RamSan provided greater performance, higher availability, and happier, more efficient users to Kelsey-Seybold at half the price of inferior alternative solutions. Texas Memory Systems provides this testimonial, confident that many other organizations could benefit in the same way from using The World's Fastest Storage.

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Facts At A Glance

Kelsey-Seybold Clinic



Operating System:
Windows 2000 Advanced Server

Cognos PowerPlay

Reduce query times to <1 second for data warehouse

RamSan 16 GB attached by Fibre Channel SAN

- Query times of <1 second
- Increased server performance
- Faster server boot times.
- Integrated scalability
- Half the cost of alternative solutions


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