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Texas Memory Systems Licensable Features

In addition to all of the standard features included in the RamSan line of solid state storage products, we offer a number of additional licensable features that you can include when you configure your RamSan system. 

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The Turbo feature allows segregation of write and read data between RAM and Flash to accelerate transactional databases and mixed load applications. It can also reduce wear on the Flash memory to boost the operating life of the system. Turbo delivers microsecond response times. Turbo works by allowing administrators to lock a storage Logical Unit (LUN) entirely in high speed RAM cache, thus dedicating a portion of the cache to a specific dataset such as write-intensive metadata, redo logs, temporary space, or tablespaces. The RamSan's high availability features such as redundant battery and RAID-protected Flash ensure that the data in the locked LUN is persistent, even in the event of an external power loss.


Active Backup®.



Active Backup is a licensable firmware feature that constantly writes data from RAM to the backup storage. It’s an ideal mode for most users and only available from TMS. In Active Backup mode, the RamSan uses available internal bandwidth (i.e. performance not utilized by the applications) to constantly back up memory to the backup RAID. This means that at any one time, most of the data already resides on the non-volatile backup storage. In an emergency or shutdown, the unit need only finish the backup that is already nearly completed.




IO2 Instant-On Input-Output is a TMS patented technology and available on our RamSan-440 model as a licensable firmware feature that allows transactions to be processed while data is restoring from Flash backup drives to the main RAM storage media. An SSD without IO2 must wait for all data to be restored from secondary storage to memory before initiating data transfers. With IO2, as soon as the system completes its start-up routine data can be written to or read from the system, thus giving enterprises precious minutes of availability.


Email Alert


Email Alert is an optional feature of the RamSan that will send an email in the event of a change in system status. This feature allows a system administrator to proactively resolve potential hardware or software problems before they escalate.




DataStat-Archive for the RamSan provides performance information that allows users to identify the I/O, bandwidth, and latency metrics for any given period of time for the past year. Using this optional feature makes it easier for customers to plan and organize their use of resources.




For customers who have multiple units, we offer Terawatch, an optional software feature that allows management of multiple RamSans from a single management console. TeraWatch monitoring software presents a summary view of all installed RamSan modules and provides a single point to monitor the performance and any potential problems with the RamSan modules. Terawatch is a part of the same management software program used to manage the RamSans individually; therefore no additional training is required to run Terawatch.


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