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NOTE: As you gather information about solid state drives (SSD), please keep some important points in mind:

  1. When evaluating costs, remember to compare “apples to apples.” You would not be considering SSD unless you need more than minimum performance from your storage. Therefore, your price comparisons with other solutions such as hard disk drives must include more than simply dollars per capacity.
  2. When buying SSDs for performance enhancements, it makes sense to compare dollars per performance ($/IOPS)
  3. To evaluate the performance gain together with power savings, it makes sense to compare IOPS/Watt
  4. For even moderately performing applications the number of hard disk drives needed to meet the required storage capacity is generally much lower than the number of hard drives required to meet the performance requirements
  5. Mixing solid state storage with slower but high density hard disk storage can result in a perfect blend of high performance and low cost per capacity. Read our white paper “Lowering TCO with SSD” to get more details.

The price per capacity is falling faster for solid state storage than for hard disk-based storage. But in many ways, cost comparisons aren’t very informative. In fact, the cost – both the initial purchase price and on-going costs of ownership – of so-called “mixed” storage solutions, where SSD stores the frequently accessed data and hard disks handle the rest, may already have dropped well below the true cost of equivalent enterprise storage based only on hard mechanical disk storage. The problem for SSD isn’t its cost; it’s in finding clear ways to demonstrate to potential customers that solid state storage already is extremely cost effective.

Thank You for considering solid state storage
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