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Software Updates

DSP Applications
The SAM-450 excels at a wide variety of digital signal processing applications. Its very high bandwidth, large storage capacity, and superior processing power allow it to perform real-time signal processing applications which are either impossible or cost-prohibitive using other architectures. A comprehensive DSP math library contains over 200 functions which have been tuned for optimum performance on the SAM system's processors. Convolutions, matrix multiplies, and FFTs are just a few of the operations which make the SAM system ideally suited for radar processing, real-time adaptive filtering, speech synthesis and recognition, image compression and reconstruction, CDMA code detection, TDMA demultiplexing, as well as many others.
Adaptive Filter
The SAM Transmultiplexing Interference Canceller (SAMTMIC) application (included on the software CD) provides the user with a highly effective adaptive frequency domain filter. SAMTMIC uses forward and inverse polyphase filters to virtually eliminate sidelobing resulting from the windowing effects of a finite Fourier transform. SAMTMIC provides real-time spectral calculations so that filter weights can be calculated on the fly. A SAM-450 running SAMTMIC can process data in real-time at clock rates in excess of 55 million 16-bit samples per second for FFT sizes ranging from 128 to 128K elements.
SAMTMIC Variations
For applications requiring only a spectral analyzer, the SAMTMIC software application can be reconfigured to provide spectra at data rates up to 180 MSPS (depending on the FFT size). Real-time multichannel spectrum analysis, providing both auto- and cross-spectra, is also supported. The elements of the SAMTMIC can also be configured to convert frequency-division multiplexed data to time-division multiplexed data. Since SAM DSP systems are versatile with large memories, signals can be demultiplexed into several channels of interest.
Other Applications
The S4 vector processor is optimized for highly efficient FFTs, so many applications are FFT based. However, there are applications that take advantage of the S4 architecture in other ways. As seen above, the S4 is also effective at processing polyphase filter structures. In fact, any convolution structure or matrix multiply structure maps efficiently onto the S4 architecture.

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