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About Texas Memory Systems

Since 1978, Texas Memory Systems (TMS) has specialized in high bandwidth, low latency, I/O-intensive storage systems. While the primary feature of our products has always been high performance, we achieve this performance without resorting to overly complex circuitry or unwieldy protocols. This emphasis on simplicity allows Texas Memory Systems to deliver outstanding performance using mature technologies and readily available off-the-shelf components. 

Texas Memory Systems originally designed systems to meet the needs of the U.S. defense industry, a primary customer throughout our 30-year history. This market has always demanded the ultimate in performance, and Texas Memory Systems has always delivered it. Texas Memory Systems now brings its expertise to the commercial SAN market. The RamSan product line, our thirteenth generation solid state disk product, delivers a level of performance previously unavailable in a commercial storage product.

In addition to storage products, TMS also specializes in high performance digital signal processors (DSPs). These processors are based upon Texas Memory Systems-designed ASICs, and utilize the high internal bandwidth of our memory systems to deliver outstanding performance to a wide range of signal processing algorithms. By providing DSP capability "in the box", less external I/O bandwidth is required and the I/O burden placed upon attached devices is correspondingly reduced. Convolution, correlation, matrix multiplication, and FFTs are just a few examples of the operations at which Texas Memory Systems signal processing hardware excels.


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