About Texas Memory Systems, Inc

Texas Memory Systems:

  • Designs and builds the World’s Fastest Storage®
  • Is privately owned, with no debt/venture capital
  • Brings 30 years of experience with high bandwidth low latency storage architectures
  • Has a deep engineering team with years of experience working together.


Since 1978, Texas Memory Systems (TMS) has specialized in high bandwidth, low latency enterprise data storage and digital signal processing systems. While the primary feature of our products has always been high performance, we achieve this performance without resorting to overly complex circuitry or unwieldy protocols. This emphasis on simplicity allows TMS to deliver outstanding performance using mature technologies and readily aRamSanvailable off-the-shelf components.

The World’s Fastest Storage
TMS produces enterprise-grade solid state disks (SSD), non-volatile systems that store data on Random Access Memory (RAM) and NAND Flash. Our RamSan products are a cost effective solution to common enterprise application and database performance problems. Traditional hard disk based systems incur performance penalties because of the high access times of mechanical, rotating hard disk drives. Because SSDs rely on memory chips for data storage, they offer dramatically lower latency that narrows the gap between processor and storage speeds. Non-volatility is achieved through the integration of internal batteries and persistent storage and backup systems.

When enterprises implement our RamSan SSD solutions they see numerous benefits by increasing application performance, making better use of their existing servers, lowering power costs, and improving user/customer experience. SSD prices will continue to fall while capabilities and storage capacities increase.

Digital Signal Processors
DSPAfter many years in the SSD business, TMS applied our engineering expertise to digital signal processing (DSP) technology as well. These processors are based on TMS-designed ASICs and utilize the high internal bandwidth of our SSD systems to deliver outstanding performance to a wide range of signal processing algorithms. By providing DSP capability "in the box," less external I/O bandwidth is required and the I/O burden placed upon attached devices is correspondingly reduced. Convolution, correlation, matrix multiplication, and FFTs are just a few examples of the operations at which TMS’ signal processing hardware excels.

Creativity Runs Deep
Texas Memory Systems is a company owned and operated by engineers. Every working day of the year our engineers are designing new products, improving current models, and supporting customers. At TMS, our motto, The World’s Fastest Storage®, provides our inspiration and identifies the level of achievement we expect from our uniquely qualified engineering teams. 

The most accurate and revealing way to view the costs of purchasing our products is to see them as investments in TMS engineering. The more success we have as an engineering firm, the lower the ratio of cost to performance in our products.

A relationship with TMS means a constant infusion of leading edge technology.