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E-Commerce Acceleration using Microsoft SQL Server

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“I installed the RamSan and saw markable stability and faster delivery of data throughout the system architecture.”


Download the PDF is the world’s largest, legal and licensed sportsbook. With 12 years of experience, it has positioned itself as the highest quality and most reputable service in online sports betting and has been covered by the Wall Street Journal, CNN, and numerous trade review organizations.

BetOnSports Gaming prides itself on the quality of its customer service. To keep customers happy and business flowing, IT and telephone systems must be able to accept short bursts of massive amounts of traffic– especially as major sporting events take place. For them, every busy signal and web error is lost business.

The Challenge: Improve Peak Time Performance

BetOnSports Gaming contacted Texas Memory Systems during the height of the American football season. College bowl games were about to take place and the NFL playoffs were just around the corner. They needed hardware right away that could accelerate their database to accept as many online transactions as their customers could provide.

Turnkey Performance Augmentation

The primary application database was an OLTP system running SQL Server on a Dell PowerEdge system. The database accepted new transactions from customers and quickly moved them to central archive. Because of this, the database itself was quite small– small enough for the entire database to be stored on a single 8 GB RamSan solid state disk.

For maximum performance, installed a RamSan-220 solid state disk. To interface with the database server, TMS recommended and provided an LSI Logic 40919O Fibre Channel Host Bust Adapter. attached the RamSan directly to the server.

“I was impressed with the easy installation,” said Tony Perez, IT Manager at “I installed the RamSan and saw markable stability and faster delivery of data throughout the system architecture.”

BetOnSports met its solution goals by enabling all customers’ transactions to be carried out by the database. During the busiest periods of activity, the RamSan ensured that no business was lost by slow storage. Additionally, users experienced faster response times from the website and fewer dropped or lost transaction attempts.

“Because of the quick time-to-implementation, we were ready for the big college bowl games,” said Perez. “The return on investment was immediate and undeniable.” 

“The success story shows the advantage of the RamSan’s simple solution to’s performance goal,” commented TMS Marketing Director Woody Hutsell. “They saw immediate performance gains by simply placing the database on a new storage rewritten SQL statements, no specialized ‘tuning,’ and no proprietary deployments. The RamSan is just another drive on the network, but its performance potential is profound.”

The RamSan provided more business, faster performance, and immediate payback to and delivered promised solutions in a compressed time table. Texas Memory Systems provides this testimonial, confident that many other organizations could benefit in the same way from using The World's Fastest Storage®.

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Facts At A Glance

BetOnSports Gaming


Online Transaction Processing

Operating System:
Windows 2000 Advanced Server

SQL Server RDBMS on Dell PowerEdge Server

Improve peak time performance

RamSan-220 directly attached to Dell server through an LSI Logic 40919O host bus adaptor.

- Sub-second performance during peak periods
- Faster website performance
- Immediate return on investment

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